Deciphering Cancun for Aam Aadmi (Common Man)

The Cancun climate summit has ended with a permanent victory for the developed world and a perpetual defeat for the developing nations like India. To put the jargon in the layman’s lingo, henceforth countries like India should not dream of ever becoming “industrialized” countries. They are destined to remain “poor” and they shall continue to do so. They better carry on with their agricultural economics. The developed countries shall give them aid, capital and technology to support them to carry on with that business and continue to sing paeans of bilateral traditional and strong friendly relations! In the process, the developed countries shall go on improving their research & development (R&D) efforts, field trials on land-air-water-human-animal-plant species for the “benefit of the poor in the developing world”. Countries like India shall continue to be technology dependent on such developed countries, who shall agree to transfer on excessive costs outdated technology and second hand machines. To facilitate such technology transfers, they shall offer “generous” aid, which leaders in developing countries would slavishly grab. Part of the financial transactions will be deposited in the foreign bank accounts of these leaders and their bureaucrats. In effect, a controlled “democracy”, regulated from abroad or the embassies of foreign countries in capitals like India. Something that a Nehru doggedly fought to ward off while opting for “self-reliance”. The developed world never admired India for commissioning huge industrial projects in the public sector. They have been consistently attacking it, couched in the economic jargon, trying hard to destroy or dismantle and throwing open those sectors for private (read Foreign Direct Investment or FDI) investment. The UNIDO has played a key role in selling that economic doctrine to India. It was equally supported by the World Economic Forum (WEF).It has succeeded in achieving unprecedented success in the last 7 years of the UPA government, as the country got sucked under the belief that the policies were aam aadmi centric because the Prime Minister is an economist. Cancun is an only another extension of that policy of the developed countries. Their living standards, jobs and economies have gone down terribly ever since they lost big markets like India by promoting democracy and technology transfers to them. Cancun is a powerful instrument to regain those lost markets. In a nutshell, India will have to slow down industrialization, research & development, new investment in the public sector. It shall have to pull down all tariff and non-tariff barriers to free entry of foreign Direct Investment (FDI)—a euphemism for next generation East India Companies!

Poverty is a magic word. It gets Congress rule India with a mandate from less than 29% voters! Kingship has taken another name called “democracy” only for the poor. The Cancun climate summit was also for the poor. The UN and its agencies like the UNIDO, UNDP, ILO, FAO, UNESCO, the World Bank, the IMF and, of course the entire aid giving developed world, are all only for the poor. Whatever they have done so far or whatever they are doing now or whatever they shall do in future is all for the poor only! So the poor have poor business to view them poorly!

Countries of the developing world should decide their course of further action accordingly. India has to decide for itself. For the present, others seem to be deciding for us. The people have to think seriously. India has suffered slavery for centuries only because it stopped thinking for itself. We lack strategic thought for the country, for the poor. We are a terribly corrupt nation. Our leadership is decrepit, moron and individual centric. We have foul mouthed politicians masquerading as politicians. We have courtiers ruining the social, economic, cultural, political and strategic fabrics of our society.We have shut our eyes to the daylight robbery of public money. It needs no mention to repeat the 100000 crore Commonwealth Games scandal or the 176,000 crores (US$39B) 2-G spectrum scandal or the 300,000 crores defence lands scandal or several others that have taken place in a short span of just 7 years alone! The graver damage of a permanent nature has been the devastation of the public sectors companies, built by capital from the tax from the people of India. Air India and Indian Airlines or Mahanagar Telephone Nigam (MTNL) or Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) or many more public sector units have been criminally destroyed only to benefit the selected private companies. The effects have been felt by the poor people in the form of high inflation and all round corruption. People agitate against corruption, and the government uses the opportunity to set up one more committee or commission to provide long term post retirement employment to the retired bureaucrat or judge! The time has come for the people to break free of the spell of an economist or honest Prime Minister. The loss in Cancun will be difficult to recoup even in the next 50 years. Our “thinking’ is absent, leading to a foreign university to decide to prompt some Indian universities to set “Thinking” Chairs!

The last opportunity is in the hands of the parliament of India, which should first reject the Cancun treaty, coming out under any nomenclature.


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