The March of Terrorism & Schizophrenic Response of India

The developments in the Kashmir valley are neither sporadic nor occasional incidents but a planned military execution. Pakistan’s significant achievement has been to trick India into believing that whatever was happening in the valley was a localized affair. The reality is that Pakistan’s designs on India are hardly Kashmir-centric. They are India-centric and Kashmir is only a convenient and cheap source of raising terrorists to bleed India. Pakistan has changed its strategy since 1971. Since then, it has made tremendous progress in raising and strengthening its sleeper cells in almost all strategic locations in India. In a way, the March of Terrorism is complete. While the USA continues its War against Terror, Pakistan succeeds in walking terror into Europe and America. By drawing America out of its secure geographies into the Afghan terrains and Iraq, Pakistan has booked windfall profits that will pay it rich dividends in future the form of established leadership of the Islamic world.

Kashmir is only a small part of its grand designs on India. The ISI has penetrated into almost every area of public opinion. Its intellectual’s cell has delivered. Contrasted to it, the Indian Intellectuals Cell of intelligence agencies suffers from the same disease that afflicts all shades of political opinion in India. Leaders are so confused they do not know what line to take. The willing association of top intellectuals with the government’s public policy, flowing voluntarily during the first 2 decades of Independence is no more visible. Reason being, machinations and manipulations in cornering all slots of people-public exchange by persons intellectually below the top. The ISI has mounted a very successful campaign to win over these intellectuals, who are so desperate to be certified secularists. Pakistan doesn’t have to even try to make any such effort. Its intellectual superiority in matters intelligence operations is simply smooth. Pakistan has benefited more from track-II diplomacy and India has lost too much too cheap. The recruitment of scientific, technical & engineering professional into the terrorist ranks, speaks volumes for the ISI success in this area. This is when there is neither any religious war nor clash of civilizations anywhere in the world. It is not difficult to imagine the condition when a real war or clash of civilizations takes place.

The association of the educated, intellectual and professional persons with Pakistan manufactured terrorism will help Pakistan march terrorism into Europe and America easily. For India, Pakistan has another recipe: culture. Pakistan knows the power of culture as a tool of hypnosis. One Indo-Pak mushiara (poetic concert) is more than enough to change hostility at people to people level into genuine overflow of emotions on the Indian side. Pakistan can encash this culture power at the appropriate time. Poetry, drama, fiction, prose-every aspect of literature is a common legacy of both the countries. Poets on both sides of the border are capable of arousing feelings of love and brotherhood. This is the weak point. If the objective is other than literary conclave, such efforts may help terrorism gain safe habitats under the soft power of poetry.

Pakistan has a vast number of intellectuals and professionals on its pay rolls, even without these people being aware of their having been ensnared by ISI of Pakistan. In order to nurse its sleeper cells quietly, the ISI keeps Kashmir on the boil continuously. The Government of India concentrates all its energies on Kashmir, holding and defending the accession of Jammu & Kashmir into the Union of India. Pakistan has been so successful in confusing and engaging India about Kashmir, that even the political leaders from different parties give the impression of being convinced more of the Pakistani stand than Indian! It is in such a confused state of mind that leaders seek advice or mediation of third parties, invited or uninvited. A confused leader can never give any effective and instant response to verbal onslaught from the opponent. So when the Pakistani view point gets sold fast to the press and media, the Indian side goes on giving clarification. Had 9/11 not happened, the world powers would have continued to ignore the Indian pleas as usual. Even in the thick of the war on terror, they continue to sidestep the march of terror into India.

Actually the foundation of modern terrorism was laid by the withdrawing British government in India. It was never anticipated by them at that time as to what huge proportions that charter of demands of some political parties would gain in due course, and if that would threaten them more than harming India. In less than 50 years that political ideology has changed the world as nothing else. Europe was never more frightened than now because of terrorism. The Vatican’s official statements are evidence of an alarmed faith and its followers! It is proving costly for the European economy. The terrorists will target locations within Europe with renewed vigour : each small success encouraging them to intensify their efforts. Europe doesn’t know what exactly to do.

America has borne the brunt of terror attacks, not because of anything else than it being the leader of the world, a civilized liberal modern society. Attacking America would mean a statement of rejection of the way of life in the west and the western culture. America has paid the price and shall have to do so for a long time to come. It has lost too much in taking the terror by its horns: ruined her economy and endangered the stability of the world economy, lives and life style, peace and bought in anxiety, fear, insecurity. It has given too much of ground to the terror ideology: the American Secretary of State covers her head with a scarf when Europe if banning use of burqa in public places. The Indian political class finds itself utterly confused in these conflicting views and practices in the world and does not know which one to treat as a precedent. So it keeps silent when a university professor fights her lone battle not to put on the burqa while teaching and someone demands ban on burqa. More interesting is the sunshine of thinking that the burqa clad one is either uneducated or backward and hence the vote catching statements of the Kafia donning politicians in favour of the burqa. Incidentally, there are more prominent intellectuals among the burqa clad in India than in the political parties of the green topi or Kafia dangling political classes.

That is where Pakistan hits a rather hard rock. Pakistan can operate its propaganda and activities among socially disadvantaged groups easily. Those segments are totally dependent on madarsas and maulvis and must necessarily obey their command, even if it is no different from what is being done in the valley. But the intellectual class is more than the Pakistani arrogance of opulence and power. This class knows the real pitiable conditions of the masses in Pakistan. It also knows the chasm between Pakistan’s professions of a working Islamic state and its unholy activities. Moreover the condition of those who left India for Pakistan in 1947 is simply unthinkable. They are no more than unpaid domestic servants doing begar or unpaid labour. India outlawed this practice in 1950 itself. Pakistan has no love lost for either Kashmir, Kashmiris or Muslims of India. Its greedy eyes are desirous of forcefully getting its assets for their personal enrichment. Pakistan revels in the old ugly practice of feudalism. It is for this reason it continues to create trouble in Kashmir and marches all over India. Its progress in various locations in the country are known and reported by the intelligence to the political leadership, which has chosen to push it under the carpet. The schizophrenic response of the political leadership encourages Pakistan to carry on its activities unhindered. Otherwise, Pakistan can be contained in no time.

India will have to put up with nasty game of a tottering state of Pakistan for quite some time. The assessment of the situation made by the Army Chief is accurate. Pakistan, however, will get a befitting reply shortly from the quarters it expects the least. However, the name Kashmir will attract many countries to give unnecessary statements. These statements will emanate from their delusions of being world leaders or leading economies. In the process they will forget or ignore the silent march of terror, until they witness the dance of terror in their own backyards. The model of economic well being built first on colonization and later technology exports are unlikely to hold forever. Unless the world order admits some values into it, the conditions will continue to be favourable for the dance of terror. They should discontinue being motivated by fear and be inspired by principles of peaceful coexistence. The resources available to the human race on earth are limited. They have to be shared in a fair and just manner. No country should think of monopolizing them, as others will never allow her to succeed. That gives birth to conflict. That conflict is the root cause of all that is responsible for unhappiness in the world. The world community should collectively stall this silent march of terror anywhere in the world. Peace at whatever cost achieved, is a far superior option than war or terror. Terror is self annihilating as evil is self consuming.

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