The New Panchtantra Or The New Policy Quintuplet

The new principles for governing the Indo-US relations need to be formulated. Some could include:

  1. The world has moved beyond the communist-capitalist divide;
  2. The US must acknowledge the status of non-alignment in relations of sovereign states and extend due respect to India, the proponent of the NAM;
  3. Using the carrot of economic aid as an instrument of pushing business interests is poor diplomacy as it has a shorter life than genuine friendly relations between sovereign states;
  4. The world economic order can no longer be sustained on the strength of arms manufacture, sale and inspired armed conflicts in different geographies;
  5. Peace at anytime is makes greater economic sense than war and economics is merely a tool for attaining higher quality of living standards. Social empowerment shall attain superior preferences in the coming decades for the enlightened societies, which are bound to get disillusioned by the inefficacy of terrorism.


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