Radio Tagging Students is Violation of Human Rights

Chain, shackles or collar–call it by any name, but it is complete violation of Human Right. As if it was not enough that the American authorities resorted to this practice of the dark ages in the 21st century, it has been justified too. What is wrong with America? Why is she doing things in a way that hits its own claim to high moral grounds in global politics. The American literature is full of references to the chaining of the blacks, which had come for severe lashing by writers. America chose to call itself the “Leader” of the world, post WW-II and also claimed that the governments in strife torn countries wanted it to play that role of the leader.

On this ground it sought to justify its (mis)adventures in several countries in the world–the last one in Afghanistan. It got support from right wing thinkers till the USSR was there on the world map. After the reorganization of the USSR, America seems to be disoriented. President Obama’s recent visit to India changed the mood in India towards America. It appears that the bureaucracy demolishes the bridges that the American political leadership builds with India. Nothing else explains the inhuman act of tagging of the students, who have been cheated by the TVU (operating in the name of the Lord !!!). If the university was violating American laws, why were the students granted Visas by the American consulate in India? They have been subjected to financial hardships besides humiliation.

One does not expect such indignity from America, the Leader! Nobody is advocating any concessions from American laws. But this practice is inhuman, barbaric, archaic, undemocratic, uncivil and highly offending and deserves to be scrapped forthwith. Only those who can justify chaining of the blacks in America will stand in support of such an ugly practice, others won’t, since they know how painful it is to be so humiliated publicly, specially for the fault of the others & the gullibility of the innocents. No persons, anywhere in the world, should ever be subjected to this inhuman practice. How different it is from hanging a Scarlet Letter round the neck of a woman in the Europe of yore or lashing/stoning of a woman for adultery by the Taliban? Human Rights are those rights that are available to everyone everywhere all the time (Tulsidas: Sabahi sulabh sab din sab desa).

We, who believe in democratic values, and have always been under the impression that the USA practiced such values, consider the act of tagging as most inhuman, anti-democratic in the 21st century, and demand the practice is given up immediately. It is inhuman and pares only with the Talibans lashing girl students for attending schools. Enforce the law by all means, but do not violate human dignity. Its justification only enhances the culpability of a practice that would have been okay in the Middle Ages or uncivilized world.

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