God Is Dust

It is out of ignorance that we think of God as something , some entity, some being, some power distinct from us. We have bought the idea that God resides in Heaven,  His/Her habitat named by us human beings. We have come to believe that the imagined Heaven is somewhere above in space. In the process we completely forget one fact: why would God create the Earth and endow it with all the bounties and simply give it to us to enjoy, as if He were looking for some kind of tenants, found them and handed over His estate to us!

This Earth is God’s creation, as is the entire Brahamaand or the universe. He created planet Earth and enriched it with all elements, endowments and embellishments for His  personal pleasure, rest and relaxation. All life on planet Earth was also created by Him for His pleasure. The entire cycle comprises only dust. We tend to think that we are human and others are animals or insects. We see flowers and leaves and fruits differently. These are a kind of visual illusion. The reality is dust. We must keenly and intently observe the cycle of dust, turning first to plant, then to flower, then to fruit and then again back to dust and again to plant, flower, fruit and dust. All living and non living forms of life undergo this cycle. This is jad and chetan. This experience is the God experience. Those living(chetan or active conscious beings) and non-living(jad or  passive conscious existences) , who experience God in this cycle find Him by their side, rather inside themselves and live in His company. Once this consciousness dawns and prevails, a state of super happiness or Chidaanand is felt. Once in such a state of consciousness, a person  rises above the sensation of pain or pleasure and acquires a state of equanimity. That state guides the actions of a person in life in the right direction, constructive and positive direction. Such a person is a contributor to the welfare of others, without distinction of  mine and their. God never makes any such distinction. He never asks anybody to pray to Him or make offerings to Him. He has created a place in His creations, where He resides continuously: the heart. The heart is the dwelling place of God. Since there are creations enjoying different life cycles , beginning from as little as a few seconds to as long as many millennia, the levels of consciousness also differ. God consciousness also dawns at different times in different life forms. Even among the same form, such as human beings, the levels differ, exactly the way fruits taste different and flowers smell different, even though broadly they are to be categorized as fruits or flowers. Activating the consciousness in the later generations is a natural behavior trait in earlier species in all life forms or jiva. So human efforts at creating God consciousness in others is welcome

Many people want to see God. They want to touch God. They want to talk to God. They insist that the  activator (even motivator or preacher or Guru) show them God. They even deny the existence of God. They say there is no God. They can have the benefit of their opinion. But the world can not evolve as they argue. The universe has its limits. The cosmos has its limits. Even time has its limits. Nothing moves linear. Everything goes in circles. These circles define life cycles. Even the universe dies. Even the cosmos dies. But they all regenerate simultaneously. There is no break for even a nano second. They are perfect mathematical cycles. Automated to the last leg. It looks complex, but is very simple. Yes, the scientific study by man is welcome. Man can certainly study, examine, understand everything, every single mystery of the universe, but can not substitute even a single dust particle!

Dust envelops every living and non living form of life. We are all dust. We are dust , but man, animal, bird, insect, fruit, flower,nectar, poison and everything that exists on Earth, in the air or under water(thalchar, nabhachar, jalchar= on earth, in the air , under water) appears different, because that is creation and hence meant to give different look for variety and beauty of creation. As God too is dust and materializes from dust and de-materializes  into  dust, we are part of Him. All dust particles are one.The whole cycle is splitting of the single particle into uncounted and back to one. It has also been defined as atmaa and parmaatma (soul and God). So one must go about his or her daily chores in the company of God, who has created all of us for His pleasure and to make His stay on Earth a happy moment for Him. His creations are more than one Earth, but His preferred place of stay is the Earth. It is the devbhoomi or God’s own abode. So keep watching dust turning out be the leaf and tree and flower and fruit and nectar and dust over and again and identify ourselves with the same determined controlled cycle. The only prayer is to enjoy  everything as He enjoys, for in your enjoyment is His enjoyment.

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