Pacifist India v/s Terrorist Pakistan

Pakistan sponsored terrorist activities in India have been bothering the government for several years now without the Government announcing any effective deterrent policy. It is such a pity that a new genre of warfare has been mistaken  for terrorism: it is not terrorism but war. It is the cheapest form of war, which inflicts the deadliest damage to the country, its people, its government and its economy. It is more powerful than the so called guerrilla warfare and thousand times cheaper than that. Pakistan has successfully used this new device against India in these past several years and perfected the technique. India still grapples, not knowing how to handle it. The Headley trial in America frightened the Government of India to issue a terror alert throughout India to watch against terrorist strikes and within less than 48 hours the ISI thumbs its nose at the Government of India by triggering a low intensity bomb in the Delhi High Court area on 25th May 2011 !  After laborious investigations and forensic examination it is informed that the real culprit is likely to be in Pakistan, who has used local criminals to carry out the blast! Thanks to the ISI that it did not cause casualties and merely gave proof of its existence right under the very nose of the Government of India in Luteyens Delhi !  The  ISI has its establishment around the Govt of India Head Quarters and can repeat such performances with the greatest ease at any time or any day it chooses. It is so because of several reasons known to all of us, but which we avoid talking publicly. So the consequences are bound to visit us in the near future, but that will be too late in the day to take any deterrent action. We have to keep in mind a few irrefutable facts:-

  1. India is a pacifist country. It shall never abandon the chosen path of non- violence or aggression to extend its territory. Pakistan thinks just the opposite. Rather it is a terrorist state. It believes in perpetrating katle aam or mass massacre, in order to conquer the enemy. India has forgotten history but perhaps, Nadirshah indulged in the most heinous katle aam in Delhi non-stop for three days and it changed the course of Indian history for ever. Why and how can we fault Pakistan in its terrorist pursuits if it employs the weapon of mass massacre of the innocent people or political leaders or military personnel or diplomats?
  2. India is a secular state and Pakistan is a theological state, Islamic state. Both are unable to abandon their policies, India secularism and Pakistan Islam. This has  created ridiculous situations in India, where politicians are calling each other communal and are unable to formulate a strong response to Pakistan because of this schizophrenia. However, Pakistan faces no such mentality of “to be or not to be”. There lies its success in carrying out strikes against India at a time and place(s) of its choosing with silken smoothness.
  3. Pakistan has another advantage over India. Pakistan provides no safety to minorities. India has mixed population. Pakistan disturbs and can easily disturb communal harmony in India. It is so because the community leaders have not warned it against any mischief on communal grounds. In any case the reality of demographic compositions of the two countries and the concomitant problems they can create can’t be simply wished away.
  4. Why did India become slave to invaders in the past? Has it been analyzed strategically? Can the Government muster enough courage to analyze deeply this aspect and put the findings before the people?
  5. What should be expected of the citizens to protect and preserve their freedom in this context of perennial threat from Pakistan? Should the government not release some kind of guidelines?
  6. The squeeze from China in particular is visible. Nepal is no more a buffer state between India & China. Mynmar is under Chinese influence already. Is there any danger of incursions into Bhutan? Sri Lanka will have fragile relations with India. Bangladesh is likely to go against India and in favour of Pakistan. Our socialism is bereft of any powerful friends. NAM is a liability in the contemporary world. So what are the options before us? Do we have a choice? I see no alternative to our own strength, our own policy and our own strategy, if we have to survive as a free nation.
  7. Already corruption has damaged all our institutions and disrupted governance expeditiously in the past 7 years. We are sliding, we are drifting, we are drowning. Unless we put our acts together now, we must not hope anything better. Even the ISI terror operations will be enough to decimate us, as they will not fight any war now and our forces will not be given the trouble to defend us.

The distinction and the strengths & weaknesses of being a pacifist state need to be analyzed and understood clearly when the enemy is a terrorist state.

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