Police Brutality on Peaceful Ramdev Protesters

A timely intervention by the court. There are some voices talking of “reining in” civil society members as if they were tyrants running a feudal principality. Were they also thinking of reining in the judiciary the same way they did in June 1975 ? Actually, it is the judiciary that has given them sleepless nights by exposing scams of the magnitude of CWG, 2-G, Adarsh, S Band and many more. So they are fooling themselves by thinking they can rein in others, rather than reining corruption or abdication of the executive responsibilities. This when they have not been voted to run the government: there has been no Congress government in the past 7 years; it is UPA. And UPA government or cabinet had not authorized police vandalism at Ramlila Grounds Delhi. In fact, there has not been a Congress government after Late Rajiv Gandhi! On what basis these poisonous tongues and brute men speak for the “government”? They must be shown their place instantly. It is good that the court has sought their affidavits to explain the brutal vandalism.There indeed were any number of democratic & civilized alternatives, but even the PM has been fed misinformation and mislead in saying that there were no alternatives. The tragedy with the prevailing establishment is that it does not permit weighing the alternatives by the competent authority, be it the cutting edge of administration or the Prime Minister. Congress Gen Secy Janardan Dwivedi was conducting the press conference in a manner and language that the other offending characters will learn only in their next birth, but immediately after it was over, they took over the microphones and were shouting inanities in the street rowdies tongue, thereby instantly washing away whatever little sanity was on display from the Congress party. Corruption is indeed a big issue, irrespective of who is agitating against it.

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