Society births Annas & Ramdevs!

Corruption, when spread to each and every agency of the government, creates a climate for civil strife. The first casualty of corruption is “governance”. In the past several years the citizens have faced the consequences of corruption almost on a daily basis. It has turned cruel, uncivil and violent extortion. More than that, the present coalition has displayed such complicity that the exchequer has been looted of thousands of crores of rupees. It is no coalition compulsion, but a well worked out division of the loot, something akin to batai kheti or share cropping!

Corruption has not only paralyzed government but also administration . Public desperation ought to be judged by the fact that an ordinary but honest Indian like Anna Hazare rose in revulsion against all
pervading corruption and was joined by millions in no time. The government seemed to heed the call of conscience but was dragged back to the old gimmicks.

It is singularly unfortunate for India that the man who defended a proven corrupt judge on the floor of the House should be negotiating with the representatives of the society on corruption! Nothing can be a greater travesty than this!! It is the trick played on Anna that Ramdev has roared. This time the tone and tenor and the manner of the protesting society is exactly what forces government to listen carefully.

The point is: why doesn’t the government do what it is supposed to do? Why does it not allow the system to work as per the provisions of the law? For example, does it require the whipping from an Anna or Ramdev to fast track all corruption cases pending with the CVC or the CBI? What is so complex (point of fact or law!!!) that these cases of proven corruption can’t be heard in open fora and decided on a daily basis? If the proceedings in genuine cases of corruption are televised, I am sure it will act as the best and effective deterrent to the practice of corruption.

Today the corrupt display self confidence bordering on arrogance and the honest move about pathetically-penalised by frequent transfers and concocted cases. Those indulging in vilification campaign or frivolous complaints need to be jailed for no less than 10 years(like in drugs cases) and a fine of no less than 5 lakh rupees.

The government can take the society into confidence in less time than these aamaran anshans or fast unto death would take to conclude. But is the government willing? Or it is more interested in setting up more committees and commissions to reward retired/tired/retreaded judge or bureaucrat dancing in the court of the powerful?

Restore dignity to the government service; allow the public servants to deliver as per the law; exercise your oversight responsibility religiously to ensure that public servants act accordingly. At stake is the survival of the nation, democracy and we the people of India!!! Non violence is not to be mistaken as weakness. The whole society can take to arrogance, aggressiveness, crookedness like the intimidating Netas talking down the people and can pay back these Johnies in their own coin, but is it what the government is waiting for?

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