Parallel Government undermines PM

The lawyer ministers in the government have opened the Pandora Box by referring to  “parallel government” while attacking the civil society. They forget that it is due to the parallel government in office for more than 7 years now that governance is at  its lowest in India and corruption is highest in the history of the nation.

The PM’s authority has been undercut to such an extent that even a minister indulging openly in robbery of the exchequer chose not  to  act on the “suggestions” of the PM and simply “informed” him of his decision to go ahead with the  allocation of the 2-G spectrum as he chose, showing the PM his true place! The PM could do nothing more than simply stomach the insult. The minister chose to act defiant because of the functioning of the parallel government.

The logic was not exceptional, because it was thought that if the government can be run by a parallel government, the coalition partners too can do so, giving a go bye to the doctrine of “collective responsibility” as  mandated by the constitution of India. The constitution, parliament, rule of law—what was not compromised by this extra-constitutional  authority ? If it is not the “parallel government” what else is? If it is not re-writing the constitution of India, what is the meaning of rewriting the constitution? Justifying the creation of this parallel government is the gravest fraud on the constitution of India, on democracy & Rule of Law! It ridicules all the voters by making a statement that they might cast their vote in anybody’s favour but the reins of the  government will remain in their hands .

It has thrown the rules governing the transaction of the business of the government out of the window! Rewriting the constitution without the approval of the Parliament, incurring large sums of money on its upkeep/establishment/salaries/TA/DA/Office expenses, shows the  intentions, machinations, scheming and tactics of the anti people forces, busy now in blaming the civil society for asking for a Lokpal ,which will create a “parallel government” and amount to rewriting the constitution. The sanctity of decision making in the government and the file stands compromised because it is submitted to the parallel government for its approval or disapproval before being submitted to the cabinet or the PM or the Parliament.

The communication of information to any unauthorized person or authority is a punishable offence as per the rules governing the manner of decision making or dealing with any case on a file. Yet  another unconstitutional and dangerous practice indulged in liberally is euphemistically termed “informal consultation”.

The beauty of it is that the parallel government is not hidden from public view. It is visible on every government advertisement appearing in the print media, overshadowing the  PM !  The PM has been so awfully undercut that even a Chief Minister’s photograph is larger in size by a few centimeters, making a non verbal loud statement of the real power or the parallel government. The PM is only a mask , the true power is wielded by the parallel government.

There again, one mask hides the real government or the hands holding the reins of power. The decision makers in the parallel government are obviously hidden, but friendly media persons and wheeler dealers know them like the back of their palm. Such practices lead to taking “oral” decisions without any written record of them. So nobody knows how an Anderson was allowed to leave India honourably or how Quattrochi managed to escape and clean his bank accounts or how a Hasan Ali managed to cart away billions of dollars in spite of CBI/IB/ED/RI/Police/Customs or how 2-G happened or S-Band or Adarsh happened.

There already is one parallel government, which has been functioning for all these 7+ years. It is called the National Advisory Council (NAC). It has a chairperson of the rank of a Cabinet Minister. In practice, this extra-constitutional parallel government is mightier than the real government. It drafts Bills and “approves” them. As per the constitutional scheme of executive (i.e. government) functions, it is the primary responsibility of the government to draft, consider and approve Bills for legislation for consideration of the parliament.

No other authority, certainly not the NAC, has been empowered to discharge this function. If the NAC  performs the function of drafting Bills and approving them, it violates the constitution with impunity. It is surprising that the constitutional authority, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has not carried out any audit of the NAC accounts so far. It is its bounden duty to audit the NAC expenditure and accounts, to see whether it is as sanctioned by the Parliament. People don’t even know the Demand Number of the demands for Grants for the NAC.

It is not for the first time that the constitution has been violated to  create  some kind of a parallel government. It was during the dark days of the Emergency in 1975 that an expression “extra constitutional authority” gained currency. The elements who wielded the powers of that parallel government cost the Congress the elections and Indira Gandhi the government. Indira was restricted to saving her Prime Ministership by clamping the emergency and the remaining space was occupied by the parallel government.

A parallel government is an anathema to a democratic government, as all its decisions are oral and neither any records are maintained nor any body is answerable for the acts of omission or commission. Rajiv Gandhi never approved of the elements comprising the parallel government or their modus operandi. That was why he issued orders that no file notings shall be cut out, overwritten or pasted and that opinions of all in the chain of decision making shall remain on file. These instructions have been violated after his death since 1989 itself, but were the rule of the system since 2004, leading to scams like the CWG or 2-G etc.

Had decisions been taken as per the laid down procedures, there would not have been any chance of scams of such magnitude ever taking place! The system has all the required checks and balances. There is no constitutional sanctity or authority for the parallel government to use its mind for the governments or draft policy or legislation. Much less to approve. These are the functions assigned to the government by the Constitution and the NAC is NOT the government. But this is what is happening actually, rendering the PM & his government a body without any mind of its own, a body without a soul of its own.

The lawyer ministers, claiming to know the intricacies of the constitution, who have been alleging that  the civil society is  trying to establish a parallel government in the form of the Lokpal, should clarify as to who is setting up & running a parallel government: the UPA or the Civil Society? The public anger is only against the two sets of governments: one elected by them through general elections and the other imposed on them by nomination, co-option or appointment. The elected one standing by their side in the campaign against corruption and the other practicing unprecedented corruption like the CWG, NTRO, Adarsh, Bofors, S Band, 2-G, coal licences, petroleum product thefts, money laundering, drug pushing, human trafficking, appointments, promotions, transfers etc covering each and every task performed by or on behalf of the elected government.

This parallel government is so well organized and its operations so well networked that even the Head of the parallel government does not know its functioning very well nor can check it. Indira Gandhi understood the mechanism somewhat in her second term of PM, and perhaps, signed her own death warrant! My book on this site opens a window on the developments in India up to 2009, and upholds the analysis and conclusions reached,  if the expose till this month of June 2011 are taken into consideration.

I reiterate that the situation will further worsen, because the parallel government is firmly in saddle. The Prime Minister, Man Mohan Singh, has reacted to the call given by the parallel government or its acolytes for anointing Rahul Gandhi as the PM, but he is being tested. He will play his cards at the right time.

My assessment is that he will not vacate the throne for Rahul Gandhi or anybody else, much against the propaganda that he was just keeping the seat warm for Rahul. In fact, the issue of parallel government has been raised by lawyer ministers loyal to MMSingh, apparently to target Anna Hazare but actually hitting Sonia Gandhi; for they are all learned lawyers and know all about the parallel government and its Head or operations and constitutionality or extra-constitutionality of the entire exercise. So instead of questioning the parallel government directly they have provoked the civil society to question it, thus strengthening the case for MMSingh  and the democratically elected government.

The national economy suffers at the hands of any parallel government. It behaves like dacoits(robbery, murder, rape, arson etc), but mouths platitudes, clichés and  enticing rhetoric to subdue public anger. Any attempt to rein them in is bound to be resisted with full force. They are not ashamed of even holding out open  threats in the  Gen Dyer style  when they say that Anna Hazare will be meted out the treatment Ramdev was given. True face of parallel government?

It creates an icon (Sonia as NAC chairperson) and then mete violent treatment to their opponents, as practiced by feudal lords of not much significance, drumming up protests without any reason  against civil society leaders like  Anna Hazare and the Lokpal. Nothing is going to stop the civil society from marching on its charted  course, carry forward its mission and achieve only one transparent government. All citizens and inhabitants of the global village should come forward and support the civil society, so that India can also have an honest & transparent government.

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