Attacking ‘Dalaals’?

Dalaals are not attacked even on the Dalal street! Why then should they be treated so contemptuously in UP? Like father, like son! Rajiv attacked the dalaals, banned them from defence deals (maaldaar ministry) and everyone knows how he was done in by his own confidante and finance minister! Had he not gone hammer & tong against the institution of dalals, he might not have been dethroned that easily! One secret of the successes of successor governments was the shift in the loyalty of the dalals from one set of political combination to another. Those who have been shouting the loudest against corruption had frightened the dalals so much that they could never form their own government and when they did succeed in stitching some kind of an arrangement in the company of several other spoilers on experimental basis, they were allowed to survive a full term, till the others bought back their loyalty. Nobody can wish away the sway of dalals: they can make or mar chances of governments and even HAG in huge budget assignments. These assignments get them highly valuable fringe benefits without ever being corrupt, in addition to post retirement sinecure! It was not without wisdom that a street was named as the Dalal Street: its activities can shake not only the North Block but also the South Block any day! So, please caution the mentors and speech writers to be wary of the Dalaals. No need to provoke them, as nobody other than Rajiv has chosen to challenge them. Without them even Delhi is not assured, not to talk of UP!

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