Non-government non-staff without IB clearance?

There is absolutely nothing new about these orders regarding IB clearance of the personal staff of the ministers. What was needed was some sort of intelligence clearance of the non-government non-staff of the ministers. For entry into the office, an identity card is a must, which is issued on an application in this regard, where necessary details are disclosed. But the ministers also have an office at residence, where no such I card is required to gain entry or move about freely. The actual work is done in this office only. The authority of these empowered yet non-accountable persons never comes for scrutiny (permission of Mr. Buch requested for using his expressive words).When witnessed for the first time, it shocks the officer concerned who takes care to classify the file “secret”/”Only For The Eyes Of The Minister” and carries it personally to the minister at his residence (his includes her also), and is asked many things one by one leading ultimately to the point of concern! Slowly he becomes wiser or goes into wilderness. Even the framers of the constitution provided no remedy for such practices, leaving all “residual” subjects to the Executive Authority of the Union Government! Can you do anything? Keep writing your whispers, I am whispered by my wiser by experience colleagues!

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