Government obliged to treat them respectfully !!!

So far as ending intermittent terror attacks in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur etc is concerned, citizens  really can’t do much if the governments at the center or the states, the entire police hierarchy, the youth leadership & the Osamaji brigade have thrown up its hands in complete abdication of their duty to protect the citizens! How does it matter if it is HuJi  or any other ji, or if the bombs are nitrate or RDX or all such information, which is of use to the investigating agencies alone? It would have been of some use had the citizens been using any such substance against the terrorists and it was inferior to what the terrorists were using and hence the citizens needed to upgrade their counter terror bombs. But that isn’t the case. Again, do the month wise statistics of terror attacks somewhere in the world lessen the tragedy of the families in India even slightly? It is alright if the authorities say they can’t post a policeman every few feet everywhere and terror activities cannot be ruled out totally. Everyone knows that these are fallacious arguments and act as pouring acid on the wounded! The so called rapid action/quick response forces are so much quick & rapid that they reach the spot after the wounded have been taken by the citizens to the hospitals!

But the governments and their agencies are certainly DUTY BOUND TO TREAT THE DEAD RESPECTFULLY. Very disturbing sights of the dead being lifted manually by four personnel , each one holding the hands and the feet, shown on TV channels without break or date of the incident below the photo, tend to  give the impression as if it is some new incident and human beings are no better than animals. They are proud Indian citizens, they contribute to the much publicized annual economic growth, they are also HNI (high net worth individuals), paying high income tax. They have paid enough taxes to the nation, the state and the municipality to buy a few stretchers to carry the dead or the wounded respectfully and cover them in respectable body bags. The statistics doled out of the terror attacks never showed any other country treating their victims so inhumanly (though I would have preferred to call it callous). Why do we treat our citizens so disrespectfully? Is it our nature or training or simply hubris? The infrastructure created for disaster management has not devised better ways of handling victims of terrorist attacks or accidents or other kinds of disasters. They have a budget of several thousand crores–all tax payers money, some of whom are the victims too. Or is the government thinking of creating yet another agency exclusively to handle terror attack victims? The insensitivity of unthinking officers causes incalculable embarrassment to the government, compelling people to seek an apology from the highest in government, which is none other than the Prime Minister himself. If the PM asked for apology of the people for such disrespect to the dead at the hands of the poorly trained police, perhaps such acts of insensitivity shall not be repeated.

In so far as the policy to meet the challenges emerging from terrorist threats  are  concerned, there is no better deterrent than fear of governance, fear of law and prompt action. “Bhai bin preet hoi nahi deva, lakh karo pathar ki seva“, the great poet Tulsidas had said centuries ago! Once the terrorists know that they will meet certain death promptly, they shall never again think of doing any such thing. The terrorists are enemy aliens, who can be ordered to be shot dead summarily under a new law. Similarly the so called sleeping modules or sleeper cells should be dealt with without misplaced mercy. Giving hollow bombastic political statements is an exercise in futility and exposes only a non-functioning democracy in India.

Visits by ministers etc does not help investigation, rather it hinders.  In the first one week only the police and other investigating agencies should rush to the spot and if they fail to do their duty, ministers should visit the place to give these agencies a dressing down in full public view.

The PM ought to assure the nation that the victims of terrorist attacks or other disasters shall be treated with due respect in future!

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