Karnataka Lokayukta gives his report

What an irony? A judge prepares a report and submits it to a politician! What a waste of manpower & money? Was it justified to make the team work like donkeys, without any holidays and upto 2 a.m. in violation of all norms of service/labour laws? If public money is to be wasted on such inquiries, the people will be burdened with excessive taxes. And what comes out of it? Recommendations only! No punishment. It is someone else to decide whether to consign such a report to the flames or hook individuals selectively or hit political opponents or settle scores with colleagues ! What a mockery of the system. Then the Lokayukta sounds worried about the physical safety and career security of his team! If the corruption watchdog can be so apprehensive and concerned, the plight of the average government servant, who have to decide tenders/advertisements/scholarships/jobs/transfers etc, can be easily understood. How can an average public servant serve “without fear or favour”? The sad reality is that most have to work either under fear of the mafia or for favour of the executive, who decides their career progression and transfers etc. And strangely, Hegde has reported on Karnataka alone and that too only for a selected period of time. I am sure, he will chicken out if he were asked to do the job for the period 1947 to 2011 on illegal mining in Karnataka. But he will refuse to accept a similar inquiry into illegal coal mining in India. Even a simpleton like Madhu Koda is credited by the media, on the strength of reports from the investigating agencies, of having accumulated 4000 crores from illegal mining activities in Jharkhand. What comprised the export basket of India? Agri products, iron ore/mica ore etc and handicrafts mostly. We discourage exports of products like Nano cars! The margins in mining products have always been very high and a regular source of monthly payments to party leaders in the area. Wherefrom do the political parties pay millions of their workers, who provide the necessary crowds for rallies of all kinds? Fleecing the kisans is not possible. Only mining companies and shopkeepers are the softest targets for screwing easily, un-noticed and without records. After all, the miners are getting rich without producing anything, but with the goodwill of the politician and the bureaucrat and happily share the profits. That is where the Maoists/Naxals chip in, demanding their share of the plunder. Look at GDP figures or export figures, mining occupies a prominent place. Honesty demands, a countrywide investigation on the mining activity in the country and the black money generated by this sector and its effect on elections since 1952. Closing the Hegde inquiry with an unwieldy report on Karnataka for a limited period would not bring about any transparency in the system. National interests of uncountable magnitude are involved.

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