Live telecast JPC proceedings

If we follow the good conventions of the mother of democracy, we should immediately start live telecast of the proceedings of the JPC(Joint Parliamentary Committee), currently looking into the 2G scam. In the past seven years of the UPA rule, the sanctity of the File has been destroyed, resulting in all kinds of scams from 2G to S Band. Rajiv Gandhi had ordered that the notings on the file by anyone from the clerk to the minister shall not be cut, overwritten or pasted and that the notesheet shall not be wasted by using a fresh sheet instead of writing on the available space in continuity. That was to ensure that no unauthorised person typed the note for any authority, including the minister– the minister just signing on the dotted line. Unfortunately, the UPA rule has done just the opposite. The minister sends a fresh notesheet everytime:God alone knows who writes for him. The result? Scams only ! When the case goes to the CBI/ED/Court, attempts are made to make scapegoat of the weakest in the chain like the Assistant, who is responsible for initiating the note,or SO/US/DS/Director. Service & cadre affinities form a strong clique and defend each other! Ministers are not all that easy to compel to give out the true facts. Every powerful guy makes bold of denying any wrongdoing. The information can be obtained by parliament to some extent through questions etc, but the detailed scrutiny escapes. THAT IS DONE BY COMMITTEES OF THE PARLIAMENT, who get information in writing through questionnaires, oral grilling sessions and documents. The corrupt suffer heart attacks when subjected to such grilling. The committeee has members from all parties and the protection of the ruling class is not available to the guilty(politicians maintain the veneer of honesty in public). That nails the guilty and protects the honest, whom the corrupt try to make a scapegoat. That way transparency can be ensured, corruption curtailed to some extent, hotheaded politicians humbled, mandarins disciplined, public money saved and above all, standards of people’s representatives raised high. The day the PM and other ministers, bureaucrats and media moghuls are allowed to be grilled by the JPC/other committees and parliament, there will emerge a high degree of integrity in our MPs.It will also save crores of rupees presently being wasted on unnecessary tours by the committees, who do no parliamentary work but undertake pleasure tours in the country and abroad at the cost of the exchequer and PSU money.In the interest of transparency, honesty, morality, integrity these proceedings need to be telecast live. Can we expect this small favour from our honest Prime Minister?

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