Lokpal Bill or Corruptionpal Bill?

Only beating about the bush! Why indulge in the drama of tricking people into believing that the government is serious about corruption in public service? Can corruption also be divided on the basis of caste, creed, community, status, gender,political leanings, haves & have-nots etc? If the Lokpal can’t be trusted with the remit of the office of the PM, how can it be trusted so about ministers & bureaucrats? An analysis of the complaints against government servants will prove 99% of them motivated by vested interests, frivolous or vindictive. The letter heads of MPs & MLAs are liberally used by criminals out to cripple good governance as per the provisions of the law. What will this Lokpal do? Need I remind that the present Central Vigilance Commission was once upon a time a police unit headed by a deputy superintendent of police. What was the number of vigilance cases pending more than 1 year at that time? Zero. Repeat zero. Now it has a whole government of its own, with the CBI at its command. How many cases it has solved? How many pending for more than one year? Details can be seen on the CVC website. The CVC itself is now a 3 member body. One single CVC(Pimputkar) used to send shivers down the spines of the corrupt bureaucrats/ministers, now even three fail to stir them up. Were it otherwise, could Thomas have become the CVC? The practice(contrary to the legal fiction contained in the text of Acts/Rules/Regulations etc) is the same in all organs of the state : legislatures, executives, judiciary and the fourth estate. This Bill is an exercise in futility, a mechanical act to hoodwink the people and strengthen corruption. If my Buddhist friends forgive me, I want to say that a time seems to have come when everyone of us will need to say sooner or later: corruption sharnam gacchami, corruption sangham gacchami !

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