CAG Reports Bust Myths

The Comptroller  and Auditor General of India has thoroughly scrutinized the accounts of the Government of India for the past 7 years and torn the myths of aam aadmi friendly government, headed by an economist Prime Minister. It has unravelled the  mystery of the loot of public funds or losses to the exchequer worth billions of rupees.The gangs of the looters have tried every trick in their books to discredit the CAG reports. The Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, the Chief Minister Mrs. Shiela Dixit, the Lt Governor Tejendra Khanna, the OC chairman Suresh Kalmadi,and several spokespersons of the Congress Party have tried their best to underplay the naked corruption and loss to the government in spectrum allocation or the commonwealth Games.

The Prime Minister appointed a committee to examine the irregularities committed in the CWG under the chairmanship of the former CAG Shunglu. The appointment of  the  Shunglu  committee itself was unnecessary and an attempt to pre-empt the CAG report, which was to follow in the normal course(it has now been laid on the table of the Lok Sabha on 5th August 2011). The idea was to protect the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office). The official and constitutionally authorized report of the CAG has nailed all offenders, including the PMO. Both  the  Shunglu  and  CAG reports highlight naked day light robbery of public funds by everyone. Fingers point  to  all  from the PMO down to  Shiela  Dixit,  Tajendra Khanna  and a host of other politicians and bureaucrat-politicians etc. However , contrary to public expectation of quick and deterrent action, all manner of subterfuges have been used to delay action such as invoking the  requirement of consideration of the report by the PAC (Public Accounts Committee of the parliament—the most powerful committee), where clarifications are given by the concerned departments etc. In democracies—India being no exception- the head of the government resigns when any such accusations are made by a high constitutional authority like the CAG or the Supreme Court of India. Instead,  the PM has again tried to delay action by constituting a GOM (Group of Ministers) to examine the Shunglu report for  suggesting what action, if any, can be taken against the guilty? What will the GOM do now? Find ways of protecting the culprits? Corruption of such horrendous magnitude is non-governance. This is oppressive to the people of India, who are suffering  unconscionable price rise, inflation and unemployment under    an economist prime minister who has  failed the nation. The GOM set up now is nothing more than an eye wash.

One of the former Sports Minister of India called the Congress a circus and  tried to educate the nation on whom to approach for getting any work done and whom to thank after the work is done. He wrote several letters to the PM Dr ManMohansingh about the commonwealth games irregularities by the organisers. He should now be honest enough to tell the nation who was regulating the commonwealth games from the circus and who was the party incharge of the games. He knows very well who was receiving the huge cuts ( the quid pro quo demanded by defenders of the party on TV channels). No such activity can remain outside the Congress party direct involvement. That is not the practice of the party. If someone has to be approached for getting the work done or getting paid for contracts executed on paper, CWG contracts could not have happened in the normal course. The party was not sleeping and would not have allowed payment of Rs 25000 for something worth 5000 or 800 for a toilet roll worth just 80. Clearly cuts were being taken. And the former Sports minister knows it. He is duty bound  to disclose all the information. Otherwise the danger is someone else becoming the scapegoat for this person or group of persons. Didn’t that happen to Rajiv in the Bofors case: someone got all the commission directly in foreign numbered accounts but Rajiv got all the blame? The sports minister being a true friend of Rajiv must show the morality and courage of conviction to name the people who looted India as revealed in the CAG report.

Meanwhile the CM should resign, as clarifications can also be given later, as is the healthy convention of healthy democracies. If she is unduly blamed, she is sure to return back with a thumping majority.

Our elite classes doubting the Civil Society demand for the Jan Lokpal Bill rather than the official bill are sure to appreciate the magnitude and complex web of Indian corruption. Even the CAG has not been able to expose the ultimate beneficiaries of the CWG scandals (same happened in the case of the Bofors guns scandal). It is a well known fact that irrespective of what the constitution says, all government functionaries are mere  appointees of the High Command and  do not occupy their Executive positions  on the strength of their elections. The vice like grip of corruption is such that no officer or minister has any guts to stand up to it. Corruption rules as the master over her servants. These dignitaries issue direct orders  to the lowest levels in complete breach of laid down procedures. So, the PM appoints Kalmadi the Chairman of the CWG even as the Sports Ministers protest against such breach of protocol and rules. It is because of such corrupt practices that the Chief Minister of Delhi orders award of contracts at highly inflated rates to the most ineligible parties, over ruling the entire technical hierarchy. The appointment of retired employees is devised to get technical approval outside normal government channels to give the impression of following the rules. It is enough to fool everybody, excepting the CAG, whose job it is to nail the acts of corruption and bring the guilty to justice. The actual beneficiaries of the CWG scam will be named by the CBI if it is allowed to do its job honestly. It had started with an FIR against unknown persons in the 2 G scam, but has already sent the former minister and several important  & influential figures to judicial custody.  The OC chief is already there along with his team to welcome the others conspirators to the Tihar Jail.

The spell cast by ManMohan Singh being an honest man and an economist stands devastated today. The country can be saved by a strong Lokpal, as otherwise corruption can not be eliminated. The CAG reports have busted several myths of the past 7 years.

Myths busted: 1. ManMohan Singh is honest; 2. Manmohan is an economist; 3. Price rise is due to economic growth–it is due to corruption as certified by the only Constitutional Authority i.e. the CAG; 4.Inflation  is a global phenomenon–no, it is only India’s national shame to hide corrupt practices of rigging prices of essential commodities for the benefit of the congress party supporters who need to be provided; 5.Price rise is no global phenomenon, but local not even national) if prices of potato in different localities of the same city indicate anything; 6. The economist PM will help improve the economic conditions of the poor–he is a great dissembler bent upon causing further deterioration of the condition of the poor; 7. scandals of the kind pointed out by the CAG happened due to Kalmadis & Shielas & MMS etc–they are mere appointees, they can’t be so assertive as to take decisions independently, they only carry out orders and hence the real operator remains hidden even from the CAG(it is akin to who arranged the money for the cash for vote operation?); 8. Government    to punish itself?  Never. The court may do the executive exercise; 9. There will be a change of government to bring the guilty to justice. No, as the aam aadmi , for whom we are all genuinely concerned, will return these same culprits to form another government on their own or in collusion with like -minded parties; 10.The official Lokpal Bill meets the needs. No, it insults the nation .  Only  The Jan Lokpal Bill meets the challenge posed by  the all pervading tyranny of corruption and the people should shed all inhibitions and support Anna Hazare in this great national movement; 11. There is going to be no change howsoever you might agitate. No, change has started, Indian polity has reached a tipping point–Who after Sonia Gandhi?  Who after Congress?

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