Forthcoming Scams in India

Fertilizer subsidy ghotalas are as old as FCI ghotalas. Cement came next, along with sugar.Only thing is the past 7 years have raised their levels to astronomical heights! Man Mohan Singh was expected to do some honest public service. He has cheated the aam aadmi. While others took illegal gratification in the form of bribes, MMS has sold his soul to the Devil for the post of the Prime Minister of India. Being an erudite person of vast experience as a government servant before landing up the job of the PM, it was reasonably expected of him to render genuinely honest public service as PM. Regrettably he has failed the nation. A day will sure come in his life when he will repent having done historical disservice to the nation!

The MOS in his office is lying. The CAG report is not “vetted” by the parliament. There is no procedure for voting on the CAG report. It is about money. Money that is sanctioned by the Parliament under Demands for Grants(budget in common parlance). Money so sanctioned by the parliament has to be spent as prescribed in the Financial Rules. Nobody, not even the President/ Prime Minister can violate any of these rules. The corrupt and dishonest try to bypass these stringent rules for personal gains or favours for ulterior motives. The ministries have a representative of the finance minister, designated as the Financial Adviser, under whom a number of employees work. No expenditure is possible without  it getting the “concurrence/approval” of the Fin Adv. In case of expenditure above his powers, the FA seeks approval of the finance secretary and/or the finance minister. Approval of  the  cabinet also becomes necessary. In a nutshell, not even a paisa of the government money can be spent without meeting the requirement of the financial rules. First, internal audit scrutinizes the expenditure and applies correctives. Then the CAG office conducts audit. Only scoundrels of the highest category  can  afford to breach the financial rules and also get remission from the auditors! Misutilization or embezzlement of those grants (funds) by the Executive i.e. the government draws severe indictment from the CAG. The CAG gives an opportunity to each Department to clarify the position on every para raising objections from his auditors. These clarifications are furnished by the Departments/Ministries concerned. If they refuse to clarify or fail to give convincing clarifications, the CAG notifies the defaulting Department that he is going to include those audit paras/objections in his final report to the parliament. That should make any Department/Ministry lose its cool comfort, for once included in the CAG report, the Secretary of the ministry is bound to be grilled by the PAC(public accounts committee). The PAC is the most frightening of all parliamentary committees, because it is the supreme watchdog of public finances. Contrary to public perception, the membership of the PAC comprises some of the best brains of the country and extremely dangerous “political neuro-surgeons” of the nation. Those called for grilling by the PAC, run high blood pressure, like the CWG/2 G etc are  bound to cause. The committee does not spare anybody nor can afford to protect anybody. So the question of vetting by the parliament is a hollow argument to mislead the nation. The PAC recommends severe action against the guilty to the erring Department and the CVC then takes over the case, involving the CBI wherever necessary.

MMS unfortunately has proved to be the king of corruption!!!

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