Riots In Britain:It Is A Problem Of Britain V/s Britains.

There are more than one Britain in Britain. While Britains have acquired all the rights in a liberal open democratic society, they have not become Britain. The separate identities of the Britains, some of which clashes with the civil and criminal laws of the country, has delayed assimilation forever. Coupled with the loss of values, social disintegration at the national, provincial, neighbourhood and family levels has disoriented the individual with all the time to indulge in the thrill of rioting type activities. When they are tricked into paid employment for terror groups, they create problems, that will take long years of re-adjustment of the Social Order. Too much of economic reform; it’s time for social reforms worldwide.

Can democracy be improved or another form of government will need to be devised to cope up with the new challenges, including terror induced ones? Should open societies look back or raise barriers, so as to stop exploitation of their liberalism by hostile civilizations? Is multi-cultural, multi-religion, multi-ethnic format workable in a democracy?  Can a democracy under threat from terrorism or fascism or communism or capitalism or liberalism or neo-colonialism face the challenge to its very existence effectively or has to pay a  heavy price as Britain is paying now?  Should the efforts to bring about some kind of uniformity  of laws for the protection of rights of people as human beings across countries under the aegis of the UNO be given up and diversity accepted? How should social relations between countries and cultures be developed so as to achieve peaceful co-existence of all the peoples? These are only some of the issues, but the subject demands consideration, if the mother of democracy (and other democracies) is not made the butt of ridicule so easily.

India has suffered these pangs and our experience is that police can do nothing to improve social fabric. On the contrary, too much of police action severely hits the very concept of an open, liberal civil society. See how at the drop of a hint from the political masters, the Indian police shoots innocent civilians and destroys their property from Delhi to Pune to Lucknow ! The best society can only be the one which keeps its police forces in the police lines and not on the streets.

Crimes don’t crop up over night. Diagnose the symptoms, rather than the manifestations. For Britain it is indeed “unique” and “new”, but we know it is there. The Empire used it for short term gains, now it is experiencing the consequences. Values can’t and should not be compromised, if a peaceful world order is the desired goal!

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