Delhi Police Grants No Permission for Hazare’s Fast

Police: please note that law is unlawful that denies Gandhians in India to carry on a peaceful fast. Don’t do it. You are committing gravest blunder. That the politicians are corrupt to the core is known to you much better than an average citizen.

Please note: No harm is going to be caused to law and order by allowing the fast to go on. But your unwise steps to disallow it will turn the whole of India into a turmoil affecting law and order. If the people do not support the fast, it will fizzle out. If they support it, the parliament will take into consideration the public sentiments before finalizing the Bill under its consideration.

But you have no business to stand between the people & the parliament.

It is not by accident that the Jai Prakash Narayan Park has been allowed as the venue of the protest under absurd conditions. Jai Prakash Narayan or JP launched the revolution that caused Indira Gandhi not only the election but her reputation for ever. From MotiLal’s sacrifices the descendants brought it down to black Emergency. The demand for transparent government was met with dictatorship of emergency. Is it another reminder to the people of India that Emergency will be imposed if they support Anna Hazare?

It is now for the people of India to decide. The police has made preparations for punitive action if the silliness of their conduct about granting permission is any indication. Police permission is required only to ensure peace and order and not the licence from the police. The police are duty bound to grant this permission without absurd conditions. Its unlawful refusal and subsequent brutal misconduct against Anna & his followers is bound to get them summons from the Parliament of India where no minister will come to their rescue. Some minister may even lose his job depending on the judgement in the pending court case.

Since the Delhi police are acting unlawful & autocratic beyond the realm of laws and there is every apprehension of angry protests all over India, the Hon’ Supreme Court must step in to stem the rot and tell the police its limitations and duties. India is no Police Raj. India does not serve any Empire. India does not suffer absurd laws framed by the British to suppress the freedom movement which are being misused by the Delhi Police to serve political party interests. Hence the SC to issue mandamus to the Delhi police Commissioner, and allowing the Anna fast till final orders on the mandamus.

The people need to remain alert and totally peaceful. It is our test whether Gandhian way of clean politics in India is the winner or loser at the hands of the corrupt aggressive violent government of our own Indians.

Survival or dissolution of the Congress Party depends on the handling of the Anna agitation in a Gandhian way or British style. The political foxes have been prowling for far too long to swallow the Congress Party. And they already have the holy word “congress” tagged to their political outfits !


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