Pakistan: Jahangir Akhtar Announces Anna Like Movement

The announcement by   Jahangir Akhtar of Pakistan to start an Anna type movement in Pakistan to rid the country of graft is a welcome move. The people of Pakistan should support such a movement. The new generation of Pakistan is also ready to take over charge. They, like their Indian peers, are witness to all round corruption and its crippling  effect on the aam aadmi. The common man has been reduced to worse than a beggar by the post 1947 centers of power in both countries. Our scarce financial resources have been robbed most abashedly. Besides our wealth has been wasted on buying weapons, only to sustain the economies and living standards of the weapons manufacturing countries. It is our birth right to have reasonable standard of living. Our countries have the necessary resources and talent. Let us invest in development.

Corruption must be rooted out. Peaceful agitation can achieve it  at no financial costs or human lives. A corruption free Pakistan will contribute to a complete change of regional economic scenario. We can be prosperous, only if we stop the loot of our wealth by the corrupt politicians, bureaucracy and businesses.

Jahangir Akhtar, proceed with your movement. You will get support of the people as has Anna Hazare in India. The world has forgotten the power of the weapon of non-violence. Anna has only reinforced it. The new generation of the west is seeing it for the first time. But the youth in the Middle East has already achieved their political goals by using it in this year 2011 itself.

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