Suppressio Veri or Suggestio Falsi ?

The UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government, led by Man Mohan Singh and the Congress Party led by Sonia and her son Rahul, have begun damage control exercise after witnessing the groundswell of public support to Anna Hazare led movement. Both the party and its government have  been rudely shaken by the spontaneous support to Anna from the youth, who are highly educated & techno-savvy 21st century generation. They have admitted their mistake in under assessing  Anna Hazare, his team and the public response. Their managers have let them down very badly. As usual, both the party and the government were fed wrong information by the party managers. They have succeeded for 7 years with their misrepresentations. The party functionaries as also the government representatives have displayed cussedness, scurrility and tyranny of words and action. They evoked strong public resentment and contempt, but ingratiated them  with the High Command (euphemism for Sonia) and the PM. They tricked Sonia into believing that she was revered universally like a Goddess and was no less than the Queen. So they organized regularly for her “Janata Darbars’’ or public audience as was the tradition in feudal India of the Mughals or the Maharajas or the Kings of the British Empire!  It can be easily concluded as to what kind of system they were foisting on a democratic sovereign socialist republic like India?

Those who are not in touch with Indian history may not appreciate the derision the word “Darbar” evokes in the minds of the people of India. Their government has been assuring them all through of “socialism”, which has been included in the constitution of India. In practice, however, they were institutionalizing  feudalism of the dirtiest kind.  The  result?  Governance outside the realm of law.  By whom? Extra-constitutional centers of power.  Free or paid?  Paid, of course.  By cheque or in cash?  Only in cash. The amount could be millions in any currency, paid in India or outside. It is this parallel government, which is shaken by the Anna movement against graft. It is this cult group that underestimated the public mood on the Jan Lokpal Bill in the first place, then tried to intimidate Anna and his team with the unethical use of the Delhi police which works directly under the central Government (Home Ministry, Home Minister, Home Secretary). When it failed, they tried to declare Anna’s life in danger due to the fast under medical advice, to escape responsibility before the watchful public. Anna smelt rat and refused to walk into the trap. He called his own team of doctors, who declared him absolutely fit.

Now, after all their failures and all Anna’s successes, they reverted back to their old ways  by under playing Anna’s success in mobilizing the public throughout India. They also started harping on the official Bill before the standing Committee of parliament. This is wthin a few hours of Anna reaching the Ram Leela Maidan, the venue of his fast for legislation of a strong Lokpal Bill.

By the evening they realized their bluff was not working. So they made one of their members admit the mistake of arresting and then releasing Anna. It was stated in so many words that “it was a mistake on the part of the police and the UPA government could not be blamed for it”. Fantastic! Isn’t it? The police are responsible for taking the  decisions without the Home Secretary , Home Minister, Prime Minister and the party making the decision? Isn’t it wonderful? Delhi is governed by the police! The nation suffers due to faulty decisions; the precious time of the parliament is lost; India’s image is battered in the whole world; India has been painted as a corrupt country! The same India which is so terribly angry at the corrupt ways of our government, bureaucracy and corporations that it rallied behind Anna to root it out, has been painted as a country only of the corrupt, by the corrupt and for the corrupt! Suggestio falsi?

Another set of persons has been put on duty to suggest that the Lokpal Bill is already before the parliament and team Anna can place it’s case before the standing committee. In the alternative, they can get it presented in parliament as a “Non Official Bill” or Private Member’s Bill. It has been claimed by these people that the government also is on the same page as Anna excepting the provisions and formulations of the Bill. There are no better ways to tell public lies, to misrepresent, to simulate. It is nothing more than suppressio veri. The two bills are totally different: the government Bill is bound to spread corruption in India rather than eliminating it; the  Jan Lokpal Bill will curb corruption and check it’s further spread. All Private Member Bills are taken for consideration if they ever come for discussion. At times it may take more than a few years. Private Members Bill are taken up for consideration on Fridays, when nothing more than the required quorum is present. Finally it is withdrawn by convention, because passing a private member bill means defeat of the government on the floor of the House. The standing Committee does what the government directs it to do , through its representatives. So none of the measures suggested by the government  is meant to improve the government Bill to make it strong enough to eradicate corruption. This snake and ladder game exposes the true colours of the government and intentions of the party. They have become used to hold Darbars and hate to be subjected to the dictates of the ordinary folks imbued in the Gandhian principles of ethics and honesty. That way they refuse to run the government. So the entire charade. In less than a day, the government and the party have employed suggestio  falsi and suppressio  veri  to scuttle the Anna led movement.

Attempts are being made to reduce it to a fight between a person called Anna Hazare and the government. Even after acknowledging the mistake of doing so, the vested interests are at it again. They will invite their  complete obliteration. The government ought to accept that it is no fight between Anna & the government or government & the people. The people’s demands are legitimate. They want to eradicate corruption and introduce transparency in the system. The government should happily accept it. Any unnecessary conflict can be avoided by the government. In fact, the government must immediately withdraw the official Bill, give finishing touches to the Jan Lokpal Bill and introduce it in the parliament. Let the people of India see who all oppose it besides the congress representatives. The smirk on the faces of the known corrupt fellows seizing the Godsend opportunity of   encashing the huge embarrassment of the government to escape the law in pending  corruption cases against them, and the government sheepishly humouring them to find at least someone to knock down Anna Hazare, have made their intentions clear. Unless good sense prevails on the government, this movement is going to be a long drawn one. Let the government note  that the movement will  continue to gain strength if no acceptable solution is found sooner than later.

Corruption will not be tolerated any more. People have decided to finish it and they are bound to succeed. This government will go latest by 2014 and will not be able to extend its term as was immorally done during the Emergency.

The government minions have already made the Delhi police a scapegoat. They should not expect cooperation from the police in India for any silly misadventure of another Emergency, if the courtiers or Darbaris are selling any such ideas. Anna is an ex-Army man. The whole soldier community of the three wings of the armed forces and other armed constabulary feel  proud of Anna, who has proved their capabilities, morals and discipline. Any  distant idea of using the Army to quell the movement will fail. Hence the only option is to go for the Jan Lokpal Bill. All the advocate ministers should be immediately dropped and drafted for genuine party work (not Darbari  activity). Political resoluteness must be proved. That is the only solution.

Meanwhile, the struggle should continue in full force and as peacefully and decorously as until now.

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