PM Parliamentarians Lost Great opportunity

The all party meet has ended without resolving to take expeditious action to bring any strong anti corruption legislation on the statute book! It would have been better had the government introduced a strong Bill like the Jan Lokpal Bill and allowed the parliament to consider it. At least the people of India would have gained firsthand knowledge of those for or against corruption. All of them, including those against whom corruption cases are being investigated for years by the CBI are liberal with their spiel against corruption only to win votes. Once elected, corruption overwhelms them and they forget the voter and the masses. Attempting to delay matters in the name of the Standing Committee are not well intentioned. IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR EVERY BILL TO BE REFERRED TO THE STANDING COMMITTEE.Here are the extracts from the relevant Rules:
Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha
Rule 331(1):The functions of each of the Standing Committees shall be-
(a)to examine such Bills pertaining to the concerned ministry/department as are referred to the committee….and report
Report to have Persuasive value
331N. The report of the Standing Committee shall have persuasive value and shall be treated as considered advice given by the committee.
So, it is no necessary requirement to refer each Bill to the Standing Committee. Secondly, Bills are passed in 3 stages, introduction, general discussion and clause by clause discussion, passing. Such Bills go to the Rajya Sabha. After getting passed in the other House, they are referred to the President for Assent. Received back and notified in the Official Gazette, it becomes an Act or Law.
Any government serious and sincere would have passed the Bill under the Rules of Procedure and Business in two days. Any parliament determined to pass the law can do so in less than 2 days. But none are interested in eradication of corruption. Corruption gives them their bread and butter, their election victories, their position of minister, their power or hukumat, their royalty in the name of democracy. We thought royalty of kings and Nawabs was gone, we forgot their clones have taken over. Hasn’t India become George Orwell’s Animal Farm? 

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