Parliament’s Appeal To Anna To End Fast

What a wonderful unity of the sense of the House! We salute the Institution called parliament.

However, we can’t forget the faces of corruption, crime,and cruelty occupying the holy premises of the House! Had our MPS been men and women of the highest moral character and integrity, there would have never arisen any need for an Anna to sit on an indefinite fast to pass a strong anti corruption law. We are so heavy of heart to see that the freedom won at great cost to the freedom fighters has been hijacked by the criminal and the corrupt! We cry in silence, we protest in anger, we go on fast to bring improvement in the system. Even our Gandhian movement is given bad name by the ugliest creatures on earth, tax evaders surviving on the strength of loopholes in the law and political offices wangled craftily. That was not the dream of the freedom fighters; that is not the dream of the present generation; that shall never be the dream of the future generations. The people’s voice raised by Anna is termed “adamant”. English fails you advocate breed. It is not “adamant”; it is Tapasya, if you would care to understand.A tapaswavi is leen in his tapasya. Your lack of understanding India will throw the country into doldrums. Since you have chosen to ignore Gandhism, the youth has stood up to you: they speak much better English than you, they know more law and procedures than you can misinterpret, they are tech savvy and above all they belong to the upper strata of society. You will think hundred times before sending your armed constabulary to kill them, for you will find your children standing side by side with them. After the casualty, you will cry like the don of Hindi films who cries at the death of his son whom he was trying to protect under the power of the gun and rigging the law.You have collected so much ill gotten wealth that your own children will hate you when they are grown up. Half our MPs having cases against them, more than 250 millionaires and dozens of billionaires; such a parliament does not understand the pain suffered by the aam aadmi or even the citizens in their aam rozmarra ki zindagi. The tyranny of the lower bureaucracy is now unbearable and has to end with this fast.

We request the Parliament to kindly understand the ground realities and not waste the public agitation in making the whole thing a sentimental affair. Since you think you are supreme, kindly give proof of that: give us a strong anti corruption Bill. You are supreme and can deliver within less than 24 hours, I speak with authority. Pl don’t allow mean minded fellows to exercise the authority of the parliament. Give us a strong Lokpal Bill and get venerated for it.

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