Appeal To Shri Anna Hazare


Anna has achieved more than I, an ordinary member of the civil society,had expected! He has succeeded in making the parliament take notice of the devastating effect corruption was having on the aam aadmi life and conduct a genuinely serious analysis and consideration.I have been glued to the TV for several hours now and am happy that the parliament is presenting the respectable side of the institution. Even 24 hours ago, some persons were making faces at others or pouring contempt every time the words Jan Lokpal or Anna were uttered. How morose they look today! So, as the nation has woken up to the menace of corruption and take it head on, has the parliament of India agreed to the need for a mechanism to curb corruption with a heavy hand. Whether it is called Lokpal or Jan Lokpal or any other name, the days of corruption are coming to end very soon. Who but Anna Hazare and his tapasya or fast to be given credit for?
Dear Anna, you have achieved your goal.You can trust now that the younger generation is ready to carry on the movement against corruption. We are happy to see that our children have really grown up! To you young men and women. Pl hold the National Tricolour in your strong hands. Keep it flying.
Anna now you must accept the request of the PM, Speaker and the parliament, alongwith us ordinary members of the civil society to kindly break your fast today. We will be happy to see you fully healthy and energetic again. We will need your guidance for long. Please accept our request and make everybody happy and relieved.

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