Agnivesh Exposed

It is not even 6 hours since the breaking of Anna’s fast that the activities of the treacherous are getting exposed. Agnivesh is the first one. This man has disappointed many. I have never given him any importance. In fact I hold these people responsible for holding India back from a march of progress into the modern age. In the past 18 months, several such cheats in religious robes have been exposed doing all kinds of things. They are individually and collectively guilty of playing with the people’s faith. More than that they are guilty of discrediting the Hindu religion, one of the finest in a chain of excellent religions. As India is home to almost all major religions, I have seen men from all denominations indulging in some or the other kind of trickery. It is time they are licensed and granted the robes and title after passing a series of rigorous tests.

There was nothing surprising about Agnivesh playing traitor. All intelligent people knew what he was up to after seeing his comments since April 2011. When he attacked team Anna 2 days ago, he gave away the game. Old horses, familiar with Congress games of dirty politics know the tools they employ. This man in a Sanyasi’s robes was used by them to divide team Anna first, and thereafter to spy over the developments to locate the breaches for their sharp shooters to attack. This man obviously has no shame! He is Bhagnivesh or the defiler of the sacred robes. He has committed paap or sin: it is no ordinary crime. What should be done to him or by him?

Agnivesh should resign from the membership of the parliament at once, if he has any shame, preferably before sun set today. He should discard the bhaguwa robes of a sanyasi, for he has defiled the robes and insulted the Order of the Sanyasis he belongs to. He is a sinner to all the Hindus, whom he has betrayed. As a penance for his sins, he should serve the most exploited women of the oldest profession at nearby GB Road for 5 years. During this period he should wash their feet every day in the morning and evening and learn how respectable every one other than him is. He can drink the water or milk used for feet washing but no cereals.

While words like victory or defeat should be avoided, their usage is rather liberal. In that case, it is a victory of the forces against corruption over Corruption. That is why it is also being described as only half the victory. I am sure, the frustrated elements, who have lost this round to Anna because of the failure of spies like Agnivesh, consider it as half defeat. They have a whole battalion of Agnivesh like foot soldiers. They will also get exposed as they have tried to rein in the media instead of reining in corruption. Will the media swallow this insult?

This man deserved no mention on my site, but the matter is too grave. Anybody trying to harm national or people’s interests shall be met with firm response. He is compounding his sins by trying to justify himself and telling lies about the other traitor he is talking to. Only yesterday the parliament of India spoke of the dignity of its members and the people saw some of that, but Agnivesh and his ilk rob the people’s respect for their legislators!

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