Another Terror Attack On Soft State India

Terror strike at the Delhi High Court today is a very sad incident. It has cost several precious lives and injured many more. The ease with which the terrorists strike regularly in India during broad daylight is indicative of their boldness, confidence and connections in the political firmament. There are so many diverse voices that no strong policy to tackle the terror menace can ever get formulated. Politicians have repeatedly gone down to extremely low communal levels in attacking each other. The sufferers are the citizens as in this latest case. People have been rightly asking why Kasab and Afzal are not being punished for their crimes. Unfortunate though it is, the government has no concern for precious human lives! They do not value a life for more than Rs 5 lakhs or US $ 11000. This much of money the highly skilled people can make in less than a week or even daily! I convey my deepest condolences to the grieving families!

We  shall witness the usual drill to investigate the matter but no deterrent at all. Saanp nikal jaane ke baad lathi peetane se kya fayada (what is the use of striking the ground with a staff when the snake has slipped away)? India is undoubtedly a soft state. Wait for a few hours for irresponsible statements from notorious quarters blaming right extremism or left extremism for the blast. Pl don’t underestimate the intelligence agencies or the police. If they are given a free hand to do their duty without stupid considerations for political reasons, they can catch the culprits in less than 24 hours. But who will risk taking that political decision? None. I repeat, NONE will take the political decision. So blasts will continue to occur at will and the sites will continue to be cordoned off and the forensic experts,bomb squads and commandos will continue to arrive at the site. If need be the government will introduce a strong Bill in the next session.

Our policies are to blame: either we are sympathetic to the bombers for votes or we are against them irrespective of votes. Can the government assure the people that the bombers are not residing/hiding within less than 3 km radius of the Delhi High Court? Since the world war against terror has been going on for more than a decade now, the matter could also be scrutinized by other countries waging this war against terror. India will have to think of strong deterrent action against these non state agents and punish them.

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