Nothing To Fear From The Jan Lokpal

The campaign against the Jan Lokpal Bill is unfounded. Only the corrupt must fear accountability. It has reportedly been advised to the PM that the Lokpal will “trigger fear among the bureaucracy”. Which bureaucracy? Looks it connotes only a particular bureaucracy. With the last segment to the highest in public service committing suicide or resigning in disgust, there seems to be terrible disgruntlement among public servants: all because of corruption. From allotment of a government house to taking lawful decisions for awarding contracts, nothing has been spared by corruption. The bureaucracy is capable of giving admirable account of itself, only if allowed to function according to the rules. It was the same Delhi police, which gave an admirable account of its capabilities and attitude during the 12 days of Anna’s fast, but collected brickbats for earlier movements. Why? Because this time it was not used to create “fear” of police. Administration has been ruined by using it to create fear or rather “khauf” in the hearts of the people. The British resorted to it for strengthening colonial rule. The governments since black Emergency have used it to frighten ordinary people into subjugation. Exactly as Anna’s team is being hounded! Break them and their resistance, as the powers that may be are “resolved to ruin or rule the state (J.Dryden).why is it that bureaucracy was different pre-emergency? CVC was adequate then. Now even 3 member CVC is inadequate, if the demand for Lokpal is taken as any indication. The bureaucracy can restore order in no time-only if they are allowed to do so. But it is the biggest “if”. When morality fails, the law steps in. Children were expected to respectfully look after their aged parents. When they found no compulsion to do so, they not only started neglecting their parents but also treating them most inhumanly, just like the citizen by the government today. So the law stepped in. It now stands for the aged parents and compels the delinquent children to look after their parents or face legal action. Now they are bound to do their “duty”. Only thing is the moral duty has become legal duty now. That magic the Jan Lokpal is expected to do to the wayward governments, who have come to believe in misplaced ideas of their “superiority” or sovereignty. The services are capable of delivering quality services. They are seething with anger for not being allowed to do their lawful duties and being misused. The Lokpal will energise them to give their best without fear or favour, as is expected of them and for which they are paid salaries and allowances by the citizens.

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