12 dead, Many Critical Including Senior Citizens

More than 200 visitors were waiting in the queue to get passes to enter the premises of the Delhi High Court when the bomb was exploded on Wednesday, August 7,2011. It also had “senior citizens”. Many senior citizens lost their precious life because of the savagery of a few people.  One was an 87 year old Nizamuddin Master.

Just imagine the torture of standing in a queue of 200 visitors in the humid weather of Delhi. How long does it take to get the entry pass? Are the legs so sturdy at 87? Insensitivity of the authorities needs to be noted–we the helpless people can’t do anything. On paper and in glossy brochures, our governments celebrate the senior citizens. But they don’t even think for a moment the torture and trauma of these queues for the senior citizens.

It takes a lot of determination on their part to take the journey to all these public places, arrange for money and escort, stand in the queue and remain without food or water or medicines for the whole day, which  may not end in satisfaction but may even add to their  accumulated frustration with the system.

It would not be worth mentioning if I had not witnessed the sad plight of the senior citizens at PF(provident fund) offices, banks, DDA(Delhi Development Authority),electricity offices, CGHS(central government health scheme) dispensaries, hospitals, bus stands etc. The authorities could have thought of providing a fairly tolerable waiting hall for all visitors, or at least for the senior citizens, where they could be comfortably seated, secure from the harsh weather or rains and wait for their turn. For litigants, the court may think of prescribing numbered file covers that may contain all the details along with a photo of the litigant , which could facilitate his entry and get rid of manually issuing passes in this manner. But that would be for the future.

I was drawing the attention of the authorities to Nizamuddin Master: he died, he is no more,his daughter is crying in pain and anguish-a picture so moving that anybody with the slightest trace of humanity in his heart will be moved to share the grief and offer deepest condolences for her. But our so called “terrorists” have no heart. They are basically weak minded people, fooled by their handlers, who have offered them heaven’s comforts while they themselves indulge in worldly pleasures. Is this Islam? Do you call it Islam? Is this how you hope to build bridges of understanding between communities and nations in the modern global village? Do you even understand Islam? Your teachers of Islam are crooked fellows, who are exploiting you. Why don’t you punish them for robbing you of your innocence, childhood, youth and life? Time for a genuine jasmine revolution. You are running out of time. If the world moves away by even one degree from liberal democracy, if human rights are suspended for just 6 months, if an eye for an eye becomes the only law, you will have no more opportunity to indulge in such savage acts nor would your teachers have the audacity to teach you to do that. But then it would be turning history for ever. Think, man, think before it gets really late. So far none of you have held any prayers for him. Pray, pray and pray. May be the Almighty Allah forgive you for killing so many innocents under the evil influence of your handlers of a Shaitaan or Devil!


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