Police, Executive or the Parliament?

Who must take the decision to declare the war against terrorists in India-the police or the Executive or the Parliament? What has been done to the worst terrorists apprehended so far? Has the police not completed the investigation and chargesheeted them and the courts awarded them the death penalty? Has the process been completed? It doesn’t come to mind easily if any terrorist has been executed.

What should be the Indian response to regular “bleeding” by terrorist attacks, under the directions of the foreign agencies out to harm India? Just issue the customary “condemnation” or maximum calling it a dastardly/cowardly act? Do the terrorists or their handlers even bother to take note of it?

It can never be stopped by the police, because nobody knows what exactly the Executive want them to do. The Executive has not spelt out any decisive deterrent policy to fight terrorism. In these circumstances no Home Minister can take any firm decision at his own level, because he would never know what the PM wants or what the Cabinet wants. Similarly the PM would be in no position unless the party makes its policy clear and announces it publicly.

It gets further complicated in a poor form of democratic & parliamentary  government called coalition government, where consensus simply eludes government decisions. On the other hand, in matters like action against terrorists, each partner tries to outdo the other for political gains or losses.

In such a peculiar situation the government can never approach the parliament with any effective legislation. There is no unanimous decision of the parliament also on the measures to fight terrorism effectively.

These are no isolated incidents, but part of a well contrived design to bleed India to death. Under attack are not the people alone but the nation called India-a sovereign democratic republic that practices secularism. It is the civilization of India that is under attack. Fundamentalism has only contempt for secularism. Unless the people, the parliament and the Executive speak in one strong voice to finish terrorism, there seems to be no end to these terror activities. Either we take on the war against terror to the finish or allow it to finish us by this low cost long drawn war. Expecting police or intelligence agencies to take the political decision for us is like declaring ourselves mere ostrich!

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