Corruption converts surplus into deficit !

The parliament has adjourned sine die!

It is the season for increases in prices. So milk has gone up. Inflation has touched double digit figures. Petrol was getting so impatient that the price has been increased by rupees 3 a litre from midnight today.Vegetables have already become luxury.

Black incomes are rising in tandem with inflation.The economy is registering growth and ought to generate “surpluses” but yielding only “deficits”, leading to price increases or taxes. Private enterprises are minting money in windfall profits, all due to the kindness of corruption. Only public sector suffers losses, like oil companies, Air India, mining units, National Textile Corporation,Delhi Milk Scheme etc. All due to corruption.

Now the onion lobby is at it again and sugar is bound to follow, unless the nation takes a vow to not consume any sweets this festival season, reducing consumption of sugar by more than 80% for at least 3 months. The methods of the corrupt have to be met with harsh measures by the people: hit them where it hurts them most as they are hurting us where it hurts us most.

Consumption of essential commodities is affected by market manipulation to artificially jack up prices by creating artificial shortages. The profit mongers indulge in these corrupt practices under the firm belief that the people must necessarily consume certain items as part of their age old religious belief. It is exactly here that they need to be hurt. There is no religious compulsion for eating sweets on the Dipawali day. Let them prepare their adulterated sweets in thousands of tonnes but don’t buy even one gram and see their condition after a week.  This Dipawali refuse to accept sweets as gift. Their patron king of corruption will hide his face.

Anna Hazare has again proved that the people have the power in their hands,if they use it effectively.The oil companies are mismanaging the oil economy because of monopoly and dominance. For bringing them on their knees, some other mechanism needs to be devised. But their accounting and expenditure is not as fair as they try to present to the people to justify their unfair price hike.They convert even surplus into deficit and hike prices, transferring the cost of corruption to the consumers. The CAG(Comptroller & Auditor General of India) must subject them to a rigorous auditing, including all wasteful expenditure and unnecessary guest houses and other assets. The oil companies, like the airlines, are the favourite plunder targets by whosoever has any muscle.

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