Mood Swings

In moments of deep meditation on the nature of Truth, experiencing strongly conflicting moods of negative and positive thoughts is nothing new to thinkers, scholars or spiritualists. What is Life? Is the negative personality of Life the reality? Or is the positive personality the only reality? Is there a middle path? Or is it some kind of a judicious mix of the negative and the positive that constitutes Life? Or is it simply a journey from negativity to positivity to negativity and again positivity and so on? What is right, what is wrong? What is good, what is bad?

Successes of the forces of negativity spur such thoughts. Take for example the thoughts and speech of politicians. Do people trust them? Why is it that they are least trusted among all the species but a judge is instantly trusted? Why is it that those given to uttering acerbic expressions stun the addressed almost instantly even as a spiritualist is questioned most irrationally? Does it inspire the ordinary listener to change from comforting words to acerbic tongue? What makes for success in the life of an ordinary person?

It has been my daily experience with the ordinary and the enlightened: I have heard less conclusive verdict on the subject and only more complaint about the negative scoring over positive in the course of ordinary life. Even the better endowed intellectually have been seen to be arriving at some kind of a disillusionment in life, born out of failures of those treading the path of positive thoughts and deeds over the other set given to negative thoughts and deeds! It is a common theme among adolescents, youth, adults, elderly, aged and the old. Nobody is fully satisfied or happy. Even those who were lucky enough to enjoy all the pleasures of life ended up reaching similar conclusions. They become high value clients of traders in religious rituals (in the name of religion), spiritual preachers and a variety of practices promising happiness in life. India abounds in such trades, both domestic and foreign. A disillusioned person is the best candidate for capture as a client to strike sweetly and softly. Since negativity is known to the person from experience, a small dose of positivity does the magic. The spell cast by such softness and sweetness of words, along with the experience of seeing the other side of life eternal missed so far because of pursuing negativity successfully all along, does the trick. It is simply bewitching. While it is adequate for course correction, it is no remedy to the negative course of life pursued so far, because it has already conditioned thinking and conduct. Negative or positive, it is a total composition of the person, personality and placement in the rest of the creation. It is no different from the positioning of the planets and their orbits. It is like a programmed product of artificial intelligence. The individual lives life as per the code of Life encrypted!

Seen in this larger context, there is no cause for complaint. Conflict between negativity and positivity shall continue. We are all born with differing amounts of negativity. It is unevenly distributed in our code. So is positivity. The only difference lies in the grades of these two. An overview seems to have concluded that positivity scores over negativity. It also appears to be so even now, at least empirically, if not statistically. All negativity is for achievement of positivity. The entire food chain tends to support such a conclusion: the predator killing the prey to feed its own offspring! The practitioners of negativism in life pursue it to make life of their own children as admirable as any of the positive fellows. Such successes hardly ever make them tell their children to become a thief or dacoit—rather they want them to become a scholar or judge or writer. Why doesn’t negativity promote negativity in its immediate beneficiaries? Why do human beings always crave for the best? The best of Emotions? The best of Thoughts? The best of Compliments? Why do they want to be loved? Why should they not be happy by spreading all-round fear among others? What makes them fear hatred? What energises them by becoming the object of love?

Those lucky to be born or brought up or educated to own, acquire or practice positive ideas, thoughts and emotions should never allow feelings of unhappiness or depression to overwhelm them. Such feelings are created by a temporarily blurred view caused by unwittingly comparing failure with the success of the others given to negative paths in life. Successes or failures have no power to determine the significance of the one over the other. The positive energy regulating the life of a person is a result of accumulation of several lives in a non-stop cycle of life from one form to another. It is their treasure, a great possession and therefore, should never be belittled. Failures must be accepted as beckons of successes yet to come. Failures, like Death, are a reality of life. But so are successes. The success of positivity lies in happiness–a state of mind achieved on a holistic view of the entire creation, a state of equanimity, a poise, a peaceful state above pleasure and pain.

Positivity scores over negativity in the sense that while it is natural for one set of persons, others work hard to achieve it. See the disciples, followers and trainees at the formal and informal schools of traders in spirituality. Those desirous of experiencing the happy effects of positivity should devote themselves to it individually by diverting their mind from negativity to positivity. Like their success causes temporary unhappiness for the failures to the positivists, they should allow positivity to overwhelm them by thinking about the successes of the positivists even though they have not achieved as much as them materialistically.

The power of creation is positivity. The power of destruction is negativity. These are complimentary to each other, though not supplementary. The chain of Life is run on this force and the energy it creates. Creation scores over destruction. May be the scores are not even, but set in variation , as are the numbers of eggs to babies or males to females! May be, artificial intelligence succeeds one day in decoding the intelligence behind such a complex looking perfectly simple equation.



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