Spiritual Supplement Needed For Happiness

People feel the need for “spiritual supplements” exactly as they feel the need for vitamin supplements in their daily diet. Ever since science killed God to announce the arrival of the Modern Age, spirituality was discarded from daily life of the individual. How unscientific? It is a need that needs to be satisfied exactly like other needs like food or gratification. For providing the required dose, it was interwoven in the daily routine of the individual, which is absent nowadays. Even the time set for it was scientifically prescribed. Unlike the commercial practices and models now available for a price, they were organised differently. It may not be possible to immediately revive those models. Hence the contemporary models. It ought to be marked that more than “spirituality” as such, it is other significant factors that are contributing to the happiness experienced by the New Age participants. These  include among others-a meeting place, like mindedness, meeting people(contrast loneliness of mega cities), participation, getting to be heard, power of the words about universal truth(holy literature. Even one word can be equal to God. We call it shabdabrahma or the word is God). While rabid commercialization has harmed all religions, the significance of some rituals can not be under estimated. Even the ancient prayer spots were selected very carefully after taking into consideration every relevant factor, which even today’s town and city planners pay attention to. But those sitings were more than the city planners of today take into consideration. That is why their appeal is so powerful even now. I can only say from my very limited personal experience that spirituality is in existence in life like happiness or unhappiness, pleasure and pain, hope and despair. It is to be lived for a happy living, not for anything else. The day the individual comes to realize the need and availability of spirituality, he/she enters it. One should make it a part of daily living. And early in life. It is one of the most significant duties of the parents to inculcate the awareness of spiritualism in the child from early childhood. Unfortunately I am asking too much! Where are the parents even for early childhood for the child in these modern times? The child grows into a young man or woman without the necessary loving care of the parents, compelling him/her to seek the loving arms of spirituality. Such experienced conclusions of modern life should never be allowed to create a sense of depression. Rather they should help one become wiser, for it relieves him of the sense of agonising pain, which is a mere illusion. The only attribute of Modernity is explosion of knowledge beyond the capacity of the individual to absorb it. In the process essential are put off-like in the case of building up a solid foundation of spirituality in childhood. As good health is the most valuable asset in life, so is spirituality.In fact, spirituality alone guarantees good health, for it alone bares all the mysteries of the Creation that pacifies agitated minds(shanti, shanti,om shanti). That is the secret of the words om shanti.

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