Commercializing Police officer Sanjiv Bhatt ‘s saga

The media has thrown all restraint to the winds in weaving  absurd stories and provocative propaganda  against the state government and particularly its Chief Minister. Their discussions on service matters are generally out of proportion and tend to  make virtue of indiscipline  or create controversy of genuine grievances of the public servants. There are solid rules to take administrative action against any erring official and there are equally strong rules to protect their service interests. It took the British Government in India some 80 odd years to devise for the first time the organizational structure of administration in the country, formulate relevant laws like the IPC (Indian Penal Code), promulgate the laws and implement them in a fair & just manner.  We have destroyed most of the sturdy bastions of administration, the worst being police administration (which seems to be reflecting George Orwell’s Animal Farm). The media has its own credit to count for that situation. They have attacked the system, institutions, designations, reputations, image, contribution, sacrifice, devotion, commitment, sincerity and rule-minded fair treatment of all on equal footing. Our kind of democracy in practice has brought the situation to such a pass in less than 60 years that it is akin to collapse of the constitutional machinery. Malicious propaganda and tendentious reporting is resorted to by the media as easily as bribes are collected by the corrupt for delivering government services, which they are supposed to do without any charge. A case like that of Sanjiv Bhatt, an Indian Police Service officer of the Gujarat Cadre, is one such instance. For some TV channels and newspapers, it is Godsend to run 24×7 futile, ill-informed and misleading discussions. The participants are biased for or against one or the other, the anchors have little knowledge of the subject and objectivity is neither the vision nor the goal nor the mission of the channels or the newspaper owners. The result is loss of objectivity, fairness and equity. Such below standard treatment of service matters of government servants harms them more than helping them. The ordinary government servants suffer at the hands of such media because more than the pain of unjust treatment by the government. The overplay of the story of the suffering causes pain(mujhko apni barbadi ka koyi gam nahi, gam hai barbadi ka kyon charcha hua-wrote the poet long ago). The TV channels carrying the vendetta against the state government and the CM deserve to be given exemplary punishment for acting police, investigation, judge and executioner, even when their knowledge of the issues or rules is negligent and they are only voicing political propaganda of one or the other party. This is flagrant abuse of the licence to control the airwaves! If they don’t change, FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in print & electronic media is welcome any day.

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