Disputing The Army Chief’s Date Of Birth incorrect

The date of birth of the Chief of the Army Gen V.K. Singh has been wrapped in an unnecessary controversy. It should end soon.Without being disrespectful to the RM (Raksha Mantri/Defence Minister), not much can be expected from a man who swooned while addressing the uniformed guys and had to be physically lifted away. If our Defence Minister lacks physical fitness, he can never understand the armed forces’  requirements. It is not politics where twisting and tearing statements can get reprieve even in cases of loss of national honour, dignity or wealth. Where is the question of rejecting the matriculation certificate? It is the only document which is relied upon in government service. A sensible RM would have nipped the controversy in the bud before spinning uncharitable stories out of it. A responsible PM would have sorted out the matter just by giving his personal attention to the issue rather than allowing the minions to rule the country in his name. Visits of armed forces officers at the doors of the ministers and their rent collectors (on their behalf) are most unwanted developments and unless discontinued forthwith, are going to impact the defence services adversely.  We have seen the compromises made by senior rank officers just to get favours from chief ministers for out of turn allotment of residential plots of land at cheaper rates. As it is the defence services are no more the first choice of youth for government services. Only those who have no personal experience of facing the interviews for the armed forces would waste time in such absurd hair splitting to shake the confidence of the armed forces. How many decision makers personally know as to how many minutes, hours, days or weeks does one interview for the armed forces take? The Civil services interview lasts for less than 20 minutes only! The PM must step in and go by the matriculation certificate and end this unseemly controversy at once!  Respect the contribution of the defence forces and other honest government servants.

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