Deadline Set For Legislating Jan Lokpal Law

The Congress should make all sincere efforts to pass an anti corruption Ombudsman law stronger than even the Jan Lokpal  Bill in the winter session itself. Why should the Congress take all the blame when none of its ministers has eaten the pig fodder or anything like that? Its opposition to the anti corruption movement leaves an impression as if it is against any move to curb corruption in India. Is this the objective or manifesto of the Congress Party?  Let the Bill be brought before the Houses and see how many really corrupt from head to toe rascals oppose it. The Congress should realize that accommodating the corrupt  for so long has ruined its image in the eyes of the aam aadmi. The corrupt have instilled a feeling in the public that the Nehru-Gandhi family is the source of all corruption in India, which is the doing of the gangs of the corrupt who have usurped all the authority of the party as also the government. From leading from the front, it has become a follower .What is the meaning of this contrast: Man Mohan Singh is considered personally honest but his council comprises several corrupt members, some of whom are already in jail and others are fugitives of the law? Let there be no confusion- no political party can win elections any longer with the image of being corrupt or callous to the aam aadmi. Make no mistake: you are there not to rule over the aam aadmi but only to serve them. Don’t try to fool people by promising anything “free” or at “subsidized” rates. Don’t live in foolish citadels thinking that an Indian with spending capacity of 32 rupees is above the poverty line. And don’t raise it  by a few rupees only  to promote Rahul  and thereafter   suck it back by hiking prices , as if you are the Colonial Government.

If Rahul genuinely feels like being in politics, he should remove all such cobwebs woven round him and take the bull of corruption by the horns. The corrupt should not be tolerated in the Congress even for a moment. Let me vouch it for him that there are any number of idiots going round government offices with visiting cards identifying them as AICC Member and asking for favours patently illegal. Not that they are imposters, someone claiming to be speaking from the Congress HQs has the temerity to nudge the officer by “suggesting”/”requesting’. It never means it comes from the High Command or Sonia Gandhi or Rahul, but do they know that such nonsense has been going on in their name? Rahul may like to do some silent checking for himself: visit a few PWD works, touch the material, see the workmanship and execution and decide for himself, although CWG bungling was no less an eye opener. It is not PWD alone, health, education, civil supplies, railways…the list spares none. So convert the movement in favour rather than against. This movement is bound to change the course of history in India for ever. Do you want to join or excuse yourself?

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