Attack on Bhushan a Mere Ploy

The criminal attack on Prashant Bhushan was a mere ploy, as the real target was the anti-corruption lobby led by Anna Hazare. It would have been too obvious had the attack been directed against Anna himself. So another of the three others could be targeted. Kiran being a woman was spared. Kejriwal was sought to be roughed up in Hissar, but elections saved him. He should thank his stars to have escaped serious attack on him. That left Bhushan alone to be made the sacrificial goat.

Those who have firsthand knowledge of the methods of the laat-ghoosaa  brigades(kicking & punching brigades) of the political parties since the second General Elections are amused to see a repeat of those old tactics of arm twisting (in the filmi genre it can even be called re-make). It was interesting to find two gangs suddenly making an entry and assaulting Bhushan on an issue that was not even mentioned by them a day earlier.

Has it not divided the civil society? Has it not frightened the supporters of the Anna movement? Does it not tell them what they should expect? Now it may be difficult for them to forget Ramdev, Bhushan and his supporters!

The media was observing the restraint of the proposed Guidelines, besides running gala stories for days! Hasn’t the objective been achieved? It is no easy job to “motivate” the youth to such an extent where they stake their life and liberty. That is possible if they are paid high ransom( supaari in common parlance)  besides assurance of an MLA ticket in the next election. Afterall several political parties have successfully ruled the states for more than 10 years with the help, support and assistance of the goons of such high calibre. Suddenly they become “patriots” or “revolutionaries” and run their own writ: all the law enforcement agencies keep quiet and even the civil liberties outfits and human rights activists go into deep slumber.

The most shameful part is that these activities are conducted under the camouflage of respected names of Ram or Bhagat Singh(it should be treated as treason to misuse these names and severest punishment should be given to the offenders), which serves as the best ploy to ward off unflattering comments from the media, judiciary or the much talked about civil society.The attackers of  Bhushan are not even distantly connected to Ram or Bhagat Singh, but are victims of the guile of dirty politicians, who will crush them at the right time. Though it is their personal matter, yet I feel sad for their plight, having seen complete ruin of the life and prospects of unsuspecting youth at the hands of rascal politicians in the decade of the 60s.

I have also seen the devastation of “intellectuals” coming forward to “serve” the poor people: they lost not only their deposits in elections but jobs too!  Politics is not for intellectuals or civil society members. It is high investment, high stake and very risky “business”  for the selected. Even the people do not cast their votes in favour of these candidates. Intellectuals or Civil Society errs in its judgement about real politics and politicians. There is no success without adopting the methods of the average politician including the laat-ghoosaa brigade. To follow their methods means climbing down from the high moral pedestal at which the intellectuals want to be seen. The politicians wants to pull them down from that pedestal anyhow (yen ken prakaren  that is ‘this way or that way or anyway’).That is the most potent lever in the hands of the politician, which they have successfully deployed to bring the steel frame of administration, bequeathed by the British government, to their knees. So the police or administration simply obeys the orders of the Executive without bothering to see if they are legitimate or not. It is learnt by them by experience that they are rarely lawful dictates of the ministers. The attack on Bhushan was on the same lines. What was lost in the negotiations was achieved in less time by the attack on Bhushan.

The risk of coming down from high moral pedestal (which alone makes the civil society claim superiority over the politician) is too high : a classic case of getting caught between the devil & the deep blue sea! Democracy anywhere in the world suffers from the infirmity of surrender of the wise to the majority of the fools. India is not going to change it. We have only witnessed decline in the past 61 years! We are heading towards total collapse if the Bhushan incident  portends anything!

No single political party will get the sole credit for dumping the Indian Democracy so deep so soon. In a way it has been happening on a graded scale all these years. An MP was murdered in the highest security area of Delhi which houses the President, the Prime Minister, the Army Chief, the Air Chief, the Navy Chief, the Chief Justice of India, the Chief Minister of Delhi . In the metro cities, such bandits not only roam about freely but also enforce their writ with the same violent force as exhibited by these attackers of Bhushan. They have acquired a right to circumscribe the fundamental rights of freedom of trade, employment or profession or free movement or safe habitat or speech and expression, even though no law grants them any  such powers. Democracy in India in practice means  government of such people, by such people and for such people. But they forget the lessons of history: it resulted in the end of the regime of those behind such elements. The laat-ghoosaa bridage is no substitute for able and competent Leadership. That neither the attackers nor their mentors possess. That is their only limitation.

The Anna team will also fail if it does not remain focused on anti-corruption only. Politics is a slippery platform. And the politician is simply looking for one error on their part to derail the anti-corruption move which threatens their very existence. In fact, serious efforts had already been made to create factions and hijack the fight against corruption, converting it into their individual or party programme. The media is lending full support to such factionalization of public opinion in the country. The result: your movement is bad and mine is good; we are against corruption too but not the way the civil society activists want it! What all this noise means? Clear message to the civil society supporters: Go home my dear countrymen and women and look after your needs; leave it all to us to fight for you.

The media is only too eager to endorse such response from the political class, as they all are hit by the Anna Tsunami.

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