Reality & Illusion

Illusion & Reality

Reality is wrapped

In layers after layers

Of illusion

Each one bewitching some

Or the other sense organ

Like the vision

The hearing

The touch

The smell

Or Taste!

Everything is the same

Feels the same

By seeing





And yet

It dawns rarely

That it is all illusion

Built to rein

The ordinary

In the mundane…

To encourage them

To indulge in senses

Sensual pleasures

Which are innumerable

Compared to the

Availability of time…

Pursuing them till

The organs start

One by one

Signalling the end…

Falling eyesight

Impaired  hearing

Teeth disappearing,

Taste buds gone

Sensation  lost !!

Wrappings only gone

Packaging alone gone

But it is

The packaging really

That is illusion

Wrapped around reality

We miss in unconsciousness…

Look at flowers

Look at fruits

Look at anything living

It is the same

It is unmistakably the same:

Reality wrapped

In lovely packaging

Creating the necessary illusion

To protect

To secure

To continue

The Life Source:

The seed

The reality!

Just think

Think of the layers

Wrapped around a fruit

Several layers of skins

Intricately woven

Around the Seed

Reaching the Seed

Requires tearing

Several layers

One by one

After crossing

The charm of

The coating

Of the finest

Powders in creation

Or the colours

Or the aroma

Or variety

Of  tastes…

Everyone  of them

Vivid and innumerable

Everyone enticing

Everything bewitching

Everything charming!

Cross the first

Few entanglements

Of colour or taste or smell

Confront the thicker wrappings

The abundance of

Packaging by pulp

Pulp that allows not

Further movement

Pulp so arresting

You won’t leave

Even when satisfied

Only to throw away

The reality

The seed

Thinking it is

Of  no use !

Sad !

You got lost

In the packaging material

Charming wrappings

And lost out

The reality.

None of your fault

Illusion again

Packaging hides again

The seed

In several more

Layers of wrappings

Before you can

Actually reach

The seed

Which honestly

Shows up

Only  when

It sprouts

Wrapped again

In layers

So fine

That only

Scientific examination

Lays them bare


The one and only

Called praan

Or Life

Which is invisible

Beyond human creation

Beyond human intervention

Beyond illusion.

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