Gaddafi deserves a customary burial on human considerations

Col Gaddafi is no more.That should bring the fight to an end. The anger of the Libyan people is justified. Despots anywhere in the world end up becoming the object of concentrated public hatred. But after death, humanity should overwhelm civilized societies.Nobody can give any greater punishment than death. Humanity is above all religions. If any religion teaches its believers to be brutal even in death, it suffers from terrible handicap.There is none as powerful as God and no human being, of whatever designation or religious rank, can ever equate himself or herself to God or more than God. My appeal to the Libyan brothers and sisters: please regain your cool and composure and bury the dead in full honour as is customary to the community of the dead.
Human society will be reduced to a life of the jungle without these bare human acts of civility! Any society committing breach of these higher principles of civilized behaviour is doomed to perpetual strife and devastation. Hence all energies of the people of Libya should be turned to rebuilding the country at the earliest. That is possible only if attention is shifted from Gaddafi to Libya !

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