Sin,Guilt,Hell,Heaven ?

Terms like sin, guilt, hell, heaven or mokhsa(salvation) keep cropping up in ordinary as well as elite circle conversations. I have often wondered as to from where the imagery of the hell or heaven has been derived by the human mind? Visits to hospitals and seeing the sufferings of patients from life threatening illnesses like leprosy, AIDS, burns, cancer, bones etc gives the clue. There is so much suffering in Life due to disease, hunger and violence that it will not be difficult for a sensitive soul to write wonderful pieces of prose or poetry, or even make frightening paintings on the subject. Same is the case with the pleasures of Life which gives one a sense of happiness generally. So, inspiring paintings or poetry in celebration of Heaven is easy to undertake. Depending on a situation in which one lives, feelings of guilt, sin or virtue spontaneously flow. Once in that kind of a mood, mental pictures of hell or heaven get processed by the unconscious mind. Activated by religious discourses, desired reactions easily follow. That may not satisfy all people. Some get more frustrated. Experience destroys the layers of illusion that cloud rational vision.

Think for a moment: why would God construct Heaven or Hell for the human beings somewhere away from the planet Earth? Is God our servant? Aren’t  we His creation? Isn’t there enough Hell or Heaven on Earth? The sufferings will convince even the hardest to believe that Hell will be no better or worse than here on Earth. So will be the case about Heaven. Depending on what we choose to do with it, we are capable of making Life a Heaven or Hell.

We are gifted with the power to decide for ourselves what is good and what is bad. If over-indulgence of the senses causes health problems, should we not practice self-restraint. But there are people who continue to pursue the pleasures of the senses till the Doctor tells them to stop it all. It may be too late by then. The sufferer may pray for death to get rid of the suffering! There might be another one who might be as fit as a teenager at 100.  For him it is all Heaven. This consciousness observed by the alert and learnt through education, leads to what is called “mokhsa” or salvation. It is the ability to discern and make well informed decisions that endow a Life with happiness.

Who are we? Who are animals, birds, flowers and the whole phenomenon? Creation. It seems to be a programmed product carrying “intelligence” and “artificial intelligence” in some proportion. Intelligence is that of the Creator and is beyond interference. The life cycle proceeds in a natural way because of this Intelligence. The other kind of intelligence is called “free will”. The creatures have the free will to do whatever they want to do with their life. The amount of artificial intelligence, like other physical attributes, differs in proportion from species to species and even individual to individual. It is application and employment of artificial intelligence that makes a heaven or hell of life for us. Since the Creation is one by one Creator and one Intelligence, there can’t be different rules for different sets of creatures for use of artificial intelligence. Hence the laws of good and bad drawn from empirical evidence for smoother conduct of the normal affairs of life in a community(creation is the community).

As stated in the foregoing, God is not our servant. Whatever He has created is for his own happiness. Take the planet Earth and all forms of living and non-living entities and consider it as His resting place. He lives in everything created, but has especially chosen the human heart as His special dwelling place. He loves all His creation but seems to love the human beings the most. You can feel Him by your side if you are living according to Intelligence, without your Artificial Intelligence interfering with it too much too often. Our prayers are nothing more than invocations of that Intelligence. That is why our prayers are answered almost immediately. That is how we experience His Grace and Presence easily. He hears us without any difficulty of language or ritual. Some people have chosen to call it our innate divinity, others call it soul and yet others call it all the manifestation of God! Heaven or Hell, they are all here on Earth. Get emancipated to attain happiness.

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