Why Is The Youth So Angry Today?

The youth of today is very angry everywhere in the world. From East to West and North to South, the impatience, anger and frustration of the youth is manifest. Starting from the Tiananmen Square, it has reached the Tahrir Square to Wall Street Square to Trafalgar Square(St Paul’s Cathedral really). It has erupted in the shape of the Arab Spring, thanks to the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi about non-violent political agitations. But why is it happening?
Till about 60 years ago the world looked like nothing more than a comity of Empires. Then occured its demise after the World War II. In about 20 years later, the end of empires and monarchy became imminent. There still are some monarchies in the world, but they have severely restricted in their autocracy because they have wisely chosen to redefine themselves to fit into the changed circumstances. Democracy grew during this period and has established itself as the most desirable form of government. It led to a world that can now be depicted as belonging to the “Haves” and “Have-nots” of democracy. From The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 to
The Tahrir Square developments of 2011 relate to the agitation of the Have-nots of democracy demanding democratic form of government. The Arab Spring is its best example. The OWS (Occupy Wall Street)protests at Liberty Square (aka Zuccotti Park) represents the agitation of the Haves of democracy, who are disillusioned with the democracy in practice in their country. The very fact that the OWS spread to more than 1000 cities in the developed world so fast, indicates the level of frustration of the youth with democracy in practice in their country as compared to democracy in theory. All political thoughts and theories about democracy are simply sweet words in reality and the majority of the average citizen is disappointed with it in practice, irrespective whether it is the youth in America or UK or Spain. The situation in Greece is a few steps ahead of many countries. The media coverage, though severely controlled, points towards an increasing mood of anger and anxiety. The youth seem to be losing control and things are definitely going to turn ugly soon if they are ignored or not taken seriously. Clashes between the angry agitated youth and the security forces indicate to dark clouds of state repression comparable to the Tiananmen Square handling of the agitation.
Democracy can’t be hypothecated to the few political or economic vested interest lobbies. Means of production and wealth can’t be allowed to be concentrated in a few hands. Economic disparities are totally undemocratic. Hunger and billionaires can’t exist together for long. It is a universal truth. Mankind has continuously evolved newer models of governance only to bring about a semblance of ethical conduct in matters of statecraft. The anger of the youth flows from these disparities, which have surfaced in less than 40 years of the global practice of democracy. Why else would there arise a situation for the youth to take the law into their own hands in the OWS manner?
With the most elaborate laws in America, the youth is agitated. Without these laws also the youth is agitated elsewhere. Earlier the conduct of the people was regulated by just one religious book. Modernity bade farewell to religion. And it is here that the worst failure of democracy exists- the more laws it makes the more frustration it imparts to the people. The cost of one monarch was a pittance in comparison to the cost of the thousands of monarchs (elected representatives) making only laws for us, to which they avoid to submit themselves. What use are these laws if the misery of the majority gets increased rather than being mitigated? The OWS protesters are absolutely right to call themselves the 99%. Any honest statistical analysis of democracy is bound to throw up the same result that democracy has benefited only the top 1% at the cost of the 99%. Does it really make a difference if a person is defined poor as one getting a $ a day or 20$ a day, if it fails to buy her a single meal a day? Poverty is not the bane of the un-developed or developing countries alone. It affects the developed countries as well. Are the American, English, French, Spanish or Greek poor any different from those in Africa or Asia? To them, democracy has only sold dreams and chewing gum!
They have waited far too long after the second World War. They refuse to survive on slogans. They have expressed their no-confidence in the political or economic capabilities of democracy. They have chosen to take the power in their own hands: they are, no doubt, not yet clear about their agenda or the methodology. But it is more than enough. They have rejected this form of democracy that divides them into the 1 & 99%. They refuse to live with it. And it is outright rejection of this undemocratic format of democracy in such an unusual manner. It is indicative of the need of an alternative form of governance. Europe has experimented with the European Union and is currently evaluating its performance. This EU may survive or can even be abandoned. Similarly, better models of governance will evolve, if these agitations by the global youth continue and their anger is not assuaged convincingly. That need is going to redefine political and economic thought and theories in the 21st century. One thing is for sure: the Youth are absolutely right.

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