No Evidence of Alien Life Really?

The White House is reported to have said that “it has no evidence that extra-terrestrials have even tried to contact humans”. America seems to have become some kind of a new Church of the modern knowledge society to pronounce on such delicate subjects. If no extra-terrestrials had ever contacted the humans, how could Jesus, Ram, Krishna, Mohammad, Buddha or Mahavir take birth or materialize in human form, to not only contact but live among humans? Or is it all fiction? If fiction only, we may have to also invent a history of competitive fictions to create God, for they were not born at the same time in different parts of the world ! But they said things which are the guiding principles for the followers even today. Then, who knows the “limit” of the universe? They are exploring. Their unmanned spacecrafts are travelling great distances in space. Scientists have confirmed the existence of dark matter in the universe- it is 96% of all matter and energy. The rest accounts for only 4% .
The Hindus believe in the Vedanta philosophy. Vedanta means the limits where knowledge ceases, or the bounds of knowledge. I consider it the limitations of knowledge. My observation convinces me of a wonderful “automation” in the entire phenomenon, as everything moves on its own power pack fitted into it as if it were a software package. This automation itself puts the limit on it. Our attempts to see or meet the extra-terrestrials or say, Gods, is unsuccessful only because we want to meet them in our physical form, using our senses, sensibilities or knowledge, including the empowerment gained through application of science & technology. But the aliens or the extra-terrestrials are beyond the capacity of the human knowledge. One need not wander in search of the extra-terrestrials in space, they can be encountered here on Earth. The only condition is: Vedanta or after traversing beyond knowledge.
Incidentally knowledge is the best vehicle to lead one from no-meeting to meeting with the extra-terrestrials, but not the only one! Scientific method is one such way. Bhakti-yog or devotion is another method. (Bhakti is no blind belief but well informed and experienced level of super consciousness. A simple illustration might help unravel the power of Bhakti: A little sugar left on the kitchen floor attracts hundreds of ants, who appear from almost nowhere. But these ants are not known to eat honey from the honeycomb, even though it is open invitation to all sweet tongues and is not covered or guarded, except in the way of the automation I refer to. Whose job? The extra-terrestrial’s? There are many such phenomenon seen daily).Moreover, the cycle of life & death, akin to the black hole-white hole theory, should convince the existence of life existing elsewhere too. Who knows the transmigration of the soul theory might be a reasonable finding of researchers of yore, whose methods might have been different from modern scientific methods, but built on sound mathematical principles. The existence of a form between life & death has been studied and corroborated by people and academics of the Para-psychology stream. Without the extra terrestrial, such well researched academic claims will sound only bunkum, but they have not yet been trashed roundly. Whatever it may be, it is too large a subject for the human mind to comprehend comfortably, acknowledging the fact that the size of the mind of all members of the animal kingdom differs. If that restricts mental activity in some automated way, it imposes the same limitation on the most developed brain of the humans. Let us pursue the matter until such time the mystery is cracked finally. Thanks White House for activating the debate on an interesting topic.

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