Kaaledhan Ki Mohtaaj Hai democracy

In all likelihood the Lokpal Bill is not going to be passed in this session of the parliament. The aggressive body language coupled with the harsh speech of all responsible quarters lays bare all the designs that politics is capable of weaving. Excuses are ready to be touted for not passing the Lokpal Bill. Targets have already been selected to blame for not passing the Bill. My anxiety emanates from the well meaning Anna Hazare, who is determined to launch the second phase of his movement at this advanced age. I would like to say that we are not facing the British Government (a foreign power) anymore, whose response to public opinion in India was restrained because of a civil society of a parliamentary democracy in England, which didn’t hesitate to stand by the side of the suffering humanity. Do we have any such government? Can we expect our political establishment to be fair, objective and magnanimous? No party can run its political business without getting bagfuls of black money or kaalaadhan. Therefore, overtly or covertly every political party fears a really strong Lokpal. The people are being humoured only since all noise against corruption is sweet to the public ear! Beyond this, everyone is simply willing to strike the other but afraid to wound. After all they understand the compulsions. so we the people of India will go on suffering corruption for ever, Anna notwithstanding. Since it suits the political parties to keep some issues alive, like the 24×7 TV channels who desperately run such programme only to increase their TRP, corruption comes handy. We love it even as we pretend to hate it; we have grown to hear that wealth is Maya or illusion even as the preachers collect huge wealth to be stacked in tax havens. The only effective remedy to corruption is a government of true leaders of high moral integrity. Morality and democracy seem to have no love lost- there is nothing immoral but only against the law, which is visited by punishment. So we imagine that the Lokpal will be able to check corruption. Let us hope so, but he/she will remain obliged to the powers that help him/her wangle that appointment. Didn’t MMS say that there are no free lunches. How true? And Anna hamare evokes the moral authority of Gandhi. There are people who are unable to even distinguish between The Gandhi & other Gandhis!!! How vulgar, how uncivilized, how violent they are in their criticism of Anna Hazare? They don’t even show the slightest sign of being civil towards a Gandhian carrying a movement in public interest. Because they only fear those who can harm them, when they ask the question “tum kya kar loge?” Anna could devise his programme taking into consideration these facts. If the youth get inspired to go to jail when he gives the call, the revolution should not go waste, as happened to the JP movement. Limpets will stick to the Kursi, come what may. Internal, external, economic disturbance can be invoked as the best excuse to do so and they will not hesitate to do so again and again.

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