Sunday Musings

We see birth of babies, leaves and flowers. We also see corpses but not death. We are told that it is death of the person or animal, but we don’t see it. We are only aware. We accept it. We accept the reality of Death! We also accept the reality of Birth. Is one an illusion whereas the other is the reality? Is Birth a continuing illusion and death the reality? Is it akin to the Form & the Formless, the Moorta  & the Amoorta? Is it God manifestation? It is necessary to scrutinize these questions in the light of the ongoing debate on “intelligent design” or Evolution.

Is God a perfectionist? Is there no fault or shortcoming in his design or creation?  Why does He go on making new creatures or design newer forms of Life and colours? Why is the world evolving? Is He not satisfied with His own creation? Is He looking for perfection? Nearer to a question that keeps floating in print from time to time; why did God create Eve (woman)?Perhaps because He failed in His attempt to create the perfect Human form! His first creation-Adam (man), proved to be a defective piece or reject, to borrow a term in used in manufacturing industry. So He kept on working His design, which He perfected in the form of Eve. He was no doubt supremely happy to achieve that feat. But something still remained- there was some shortcoming even then! That made Him unhappy. He decided to send both man and the woman on Earth, which He created to be the most beautiful abode for Himself in the entire creation.

He is currently busy designing a superior model than man or woman! 

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