De-constitutionalize To Discipline


Democracy gets maligned when the elected members of the Legislature start behaving absolutists and place themselves above the rest of the citizenry. They take to harsh words and take to intimidating the people at large at the slightest threat to their supremacy. It gets worst when the most corrupt, criminal and communal start claiming publicly to be the law maker, the constitution maker and the king maker. They divide, demean and demonize civil society by their venomous tongue, which is illogical cacophony aimed only to defeat the opponents by a  contrived  mixture of words & weapons, right to speech & might to silence, farming corruption & harvesting votes. People find themselves in a hopeless situation of complete helplessness! Despots & democrats thrive in such precarious public position and their heads swell to infinite sizes. They don’t care for God, man or morals! They come to believe so much in themselves & their progeny that the people have to take drastic action to bring them to their senses and restore some democratic order. The result is Arab Spring or Transparency Revolution.

When democracy is abused, rebellion is a natural reation. However, the non-violence mantra is so deeply ingrained in the psyche of the average Indian that it gets reflected in their social conduct. This is taken as a sign of the weakness of the masses. Such flawed conclusions make the elected members of the legislatures highly arrogant and they take people for granted. They increase the level of their verbal violence and in collusion with a corrupt ruling Order, indulge in delivering undemocratic threats to the leaders of the masses. They issue veiled threats to the life of the leaders. In fact, they demonstrate their power of violent action by attacking second rung leaders of the mass movements. They follow the principle that the crowds have no leaders and even if the masses throw up some leaders, they can be vilified and/or even physically eliminated without difficulty. There is no doubt that they have been successful in their words and deeds so far. But, unfortunately for them, so far only and no further.

There is no doubt about the general mood being in favour of non violence. The people are so very angry with these elected fellows and their corrupt ways that they are desperate for change. True to their temperament, they rose to support a mass leader like Anna Hazare, when he ventured to start the Transparency Revolution for them. The support to Anna has shaken the elected members as well as governments, who have colluded in sin to fight Anna, Civil Society and the people, in a show of unethical strength. The undemocratic machinations, wrapped in democratic rhetoric and ideological jargon, fretting and fuming at Anna symbolically only to assert their unsustainable superiority, has failed to fool anyone, including their friendly media.

Therefore, the people have to assert their rightful superiority over their elected representatives, whom they have sent to the legislatures only for a fixed term of 5 years. These representatives have come to believe that they are there forever, first as life member themselves and their progenies after them, and their progenies after them. But they acquire no right to permanent membership of the legislatures. And this needs to be driven into their heads. People alone can do that. They are the true masters in a democracy. They should instill some discipline in their heads. For this, they must exercise democratic power of electing their representatives. They must vote all the incumbent members out and go in for their replacements. The arrogance with which the members assert their authority as law makers or constitution makes, calling themselves constitutional authority, deserves the democratic remedy by way of de-constitutionalizing them. The most effective method is to vote them out decisively. Use of the power of the vote in the same way as ex-communication was used in earlier times, will surely prove to be the right strategy. Unless these swollen heads are made to behave ethically, the very survival of democracy is under real threat of extinction. The country should not fall into the trap laid by the patrons of corruption under the spell of ideological jargon. There is no effective remedy for all pervading corruption other than a clean government. A government is as clean or unclean as the members of the Parliament or state legislatures. The MPs & MLAs are as clean or unclean as the voters. So ultimately, the power rests and vests only in the hands of the voters, who must exercise their power ethically to attain the goal of a clean government.


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