Kurukshetra Ki ore Dekho Sanjaya aur Mujhe Bitao ki wahan kya…

The forthcoming elections in some states are going to present a rehearsal of the next General elections to the Lok Sabha. But the real action would be in UP, which was called The United Provinces not long ago! We will get feedback from Sanjaya, as he is blessed with doordrashti, when the war starts. For the moment he says: Rajan (We the people),preparations for the war are in full progress. All the mighty along with the Almighty have started pitching their camps. There are so many different flags fluttering that it is difficult to say whether all of them are going to fight the war against each other or will side with one or the other. This confusion is due to change of almost all the rules of war this time. This war is being fought under the leadership of two excessively ambitious, powerful, strong, warrior and politically fast maturing women. There are some men too, but they seem to be leading from the secure positions behind their women, to match the unmatched personalities of the prominent two women warriors. The name of another very prominent woman is also being taken, but she has no direct stake, even as she will direct the action in this war. There are contingents of very masochistic women too radiating the fury of hell and spitting the fire of dozakh. TV programmes of another set of women machos are being telecast on big screens by the roadside, who are baying for the blood of the other party and specially its leader. From the selective use of invective, vituperation and carping, they are giving proof of their supremacy in political kung fu in India! This election sets the tone and tenor of political and electoral rhetoric. Interestingly it will be mounted on the vehicle of the Hindi language and hence, will provide some of the liveliest coinages and evidence of use of “prapanch, chhadma, viswasghat, kutilata, swang, nautanki, drama, tamasha, badzubani, Noora-kushti’ etc that will determine the future complexion of politics in India. He further spoke: the conversations among people of different camps gives a sense of the impending event, as no rules will be observed in this do or die Kurukshetra, as it is no “dharmakshetra” but only Kurukshetra!!!! sanjay fell silent thereafter.


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