Depicting Value of the Girl Child

They call it sex ratio. They are worried about the skewed up sex ratio. They talk of demography. They roll out statistics. Most of it goes over the head of the ordinary listener, who is not educated in ratio or statistics or gender issues and the significance of children. Custom had made people opt for the male child in the Indian society. This needed correction. Alas! Even the rise of women to the highest offices of the Prime Minister of India or Judge of the Supreme  Court of India has failed to break this myth and reform this custom to the desired level. Perhaps the medium has failed. Perhaps the communication has suffered. Perhaps the message and the target could not be put on the same wave length.

But there are better ways to disseminate pure scientific knowledge to everyone across the board, including even the illiterate citizen residing in the remotest areas of the country. Culture is the answer. It has been proved long ago, but generally forgotten. It has remained localized to some extent only. It has remained unrecognized universally. It has not been publicized adequately , even as millions of rupees have been spent on advertising the equality of the girl and the male child. That was telling done in one of the tableaux on the Rajpath in Delhi during the Parade on the occasion of the 63rd Republic Day of India.

The Bihar state Government’s tableau displayed the custom of an area in Bhagalpur District, where a family blessed with a girl child is required to plant ten trees! Now, isn’t that wonderful? Celebrating the birth of a girl child in this exhilarating way! Isn’t it the best way to convey the message of the value, significance and import of the female of the species in continuing the process of procreation of  life? It indeed is. In the native tradition it is called vansh paramparaa ko aage badhaanaa or continuing the family tree. Such a fine way of delivering the most significant message of life, to maintain a healthy gender balance in the society and bringing cheer to both the individual and society! The tableau should get the first prize this year for the best tableau. Let us see.

But it has established the value of culture in real life, as it is a very useful but highly powerful medium to deliver significant messages. The message  to welcome and celebrate the birth of a girl child has been superbly delivered. The UNO  can adopt it for  use anywhere in the world to promote the girl child!

Greetings to everyone on the occasion of the 63rd Republic Day of India !

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