Former Chief of ISRO, Madhavan ill Treated

What a crude way to destroy our national heroes one after the other? First it was the Army Chief, who was publicly embarrassed by an inefficient Defence Ministry. Now it is Madhavan Nair, who along with his team of eminent scientists, brought glory to the country.The Department of Space worked directly under the supervision of the Prime Minister. What was he doing all along? What were the dozens of serving and retired top bureaucrats of Cabinet Secretary and Secretary to the GOI level doing in ISRO for years if not examining the Antrax deal? The public may not know, but the Financial Advisor in ISRO is of the level of Secretary to the Government of India. And what was the minister of space doing? Only enjoying and having nice time at the cost of the exchequer? The media coverage today has been very very crude, vulgar, indecent and inappropriate. Nobody stops the government from taking disciplinary action, but the law prohibits such publicity till “penalty” under the Rules has been  imposed and the delinquent has exhausted all legal remedies to save his/her honour. Would you like our space or nuclear scientists to serve some foreign country, who will be only too willing to employ them? What a cheap talk, totally unbecoming of the government to say that they shall not be allowed to take up any job with the government !!! Are we determined to destroy our national institutions so assiduously built only to import technology or experts from abroad, thus throwing open our economy for exploitation by the creeping neo-colonialism? Watch out India: many more such deadly blows are going to be delivered to the national heroes during the next 24 months before the next General Elections. The rulers have read the writing on the wall, they have no time. After the 2014 General Elections, the old generation will be resting peacefully. Hence the danger lurking while we are divided on caste or communal lines. What is going to be the geography of the III WW, which is not far away if recession and depression continues to afflict the rich as now.

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