What a sticky Affair?

The attack on the Israeli diplomat’s car in Delhi on 13th February 2012 continues to puzzle the police. It has not yet been declared if the device exploded was assembled locally or imported. It is being suspected to be imported. That doubts the capabilities of the indigenous people. Indians are very innovative. Only their innovations are rarely acknowledged.

Before elections in UP and Bihar, the police unearths what is called illegal arms factories, which produce indigenously manufactured sophisticated arms comparable to any foreign made arms. The manufacturing facilities can hardly be called a factory. Rather these arms are manufactured in what should appropriately be called cottage industries. This industry has been going on for centuries. The British government in India was so scared of the capabilities of the natives to manufacture arms that they brought into force a law called the Arms Act, which made manufacturing and possession of any arm without a licence illegal.

Then the innovative and enterprising Indian has produced another wonder of an automobile that no automobile manufacturer of the world has been able to design and manufacture anywhere in the world. If it qualifies as the world’s cheapest automobile for plying in the rural India on dusty roads, offering convenient transport service to the unserved rural people, it should not surprise anybody. The manufacturers don’t take pride but derive only satisfaction of devising a means of transport to meet their requirements. Since it is a kind of assembling of different pieces that need not necessarily form a complimentary part of each other, it has been called humourously “jugaad” (a Hindi word for assembly or contraption). There are many innovations to the credit of the local people. I am referring to them only to assert that the doubts expressed by the police in the skills of the indigenous people to assemble the magnet bomb locally are misplaced. They can do that if the need arises. There is nothing difficult for the manufacturers of the jugaad to do another jugaad to produce the magnet bomb. The police should give proof of professionalism in exposing the perpetrators of the bomb attack of 13th Feb.

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