Crude or sophisticated Device ?

In my earlier post of Feb16 under the caption What a sticky Affair, I had hinted at the locally available skills of anti social elements to make a bomb of the type that damaged the car of the Israeli diplomat in New Delhi. The Times of India of 19 Feb carries a story captioned “New footage in focus after diplomat’s claim” on page 2 of its Delhi edition. It says that “the police have confirmed that the metallic strips recovered from the blast spot have hinted that the bomb was fixed on a strip that was about the 5 inches x 8 inches in size”. Quoting police sources the story states further “However, we have established that these magnetic strips are used in flour mills and cement manufacturing units in various dimensions to locate impurity. These strips are manufactured extensively at Daryaganj and Seelampur..”.Cops said such strips are available for as low as Rupees 150 and unlike the chemical market, there are no written records of transactions


It hardly needs more than average intelligence to conclude that such skills are locally available with  various kinds of anti-social elements. Only the decadent political culture of the country discourages the police to net the culprits. Instead of picking up the perpetrators beforehand or immediately after such incidents, valuable time is lost in spinning the matter around unnecessarily,  as in this case where Iranian, Lebanonese, Palestinians, jordanian, local, foreign –  all kinds of imaginary possibilities are being explored. But what to do with a somewhat similar attempt reported on the same page of the Times of India under the caption “Copycat bomber held after extortion bid”? The  crude device of   bombs were “prepared” with the help of criminals based in Hathras in U.P. The police recovered from the criminal raw potassium sulphide , which is not a banned substance.

What conclusions do we draw from such instances? In Mahatma Gandhi’s land of non-violence, democracy as a fiction of majority of votes in an election,  has established the value of violence in the election oriented political culture of India. It has ruptured the moral, cultural, social, economic and national fabric of the country. We are a nation excessively deficit on justice. Third rate politicians are adding further to weaken the centuries old bonds of fraternity and harmony. The resulting turmoil is adversely affecting the Nation’s health !

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