God & Free Will-2

Whether God created us

Is not scientifically proved

But this much is certain

Man created God !

It was He-

A perfect human form

Made to speak our  language

To deliver to us

The Holy Books

Then silenced!

Thereafter not another word !

No visit

To planet Earth !

Entry banned?

How can man

Do so?

God has not said

The final word

Nor was on

His First & Final

Visit to planet Earth !

It is His creation-

Man has yet to create

Planets, matter, energy, life

Forms, cycles, Nature’s Laws-

He is Master of us

This planet, as others

Is His as is his choice to visit

Rest & recreation among us

His own creation.

He is here

More than we know

He is what

Change is,

He is constant

We feel it

As we pass through

The cycle from

The Finite-

Unaware of the Eternity

Our vision made short

By assertions of Finality

Against Infinity

About which we

Can’t be final

It is His prerogative only.


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